Physical Evocation of Mepsitahl Nights one and Two


Last night I decided to perform a physical evocation of Mepistahl. I decided to break from my normal astral evocation/scrying sessions due to a comment I read online at a forum titled “Wizard”. Although I am not a member there I was doing research for a different spirit and came across various posts from what I can only describe as a pontificating practitioner whose view of what I do is “mental masturbation”. He states, and I do agreed with him to a point, that evocation is “calling forth” an entity and that “everything else” is jerking off… This pissed me off as you can imagine, but it also kicked my ass in the right direction.

This individual goes so far to state that he has worked on most if not all of EA’s books, but that EA is nothing more than “sensationalism” and that “mental magick” as it were is equivalent to rubbing oil on your own ego(not to mention your own sexual organs). A paradox if nothing else.

Now,I do believe to an extent he is correct, however, magick, no matter what you do, always begins on the mental plane. At least I have proven this to myself for many years with written and observable results. This individual states that “to perform an evocation you must have A PHYSICAL APPEARANCE - THE SPIRIT MUST BE IN FRONT OF YOU IN COMPLETE FORM. Mirror evocations,sigil scrying,channeling spirits and writing what they say to you in your mind, to him, is mentalist bullshit.

With that being said I decided to evoke Mepsitahl to physical appearance for two nights straight and record my results/share them with the forum members.

My experience in the past has only been “Astral evocation” in the Kostantinos point of view. I have been quite successful in that method and most recently with EA’s but now felt that its time to “pop the cherry” so to speak and begin my own “manifestations” IN FRONT OF ME.

Below was my first setup on night one. Used the following:

Ritual Chalice hand-painted Golden Dawn style with water(for aspersion)
Knife and chalice (EE style)
Mayan Copal Incense
Ritual book and plain Mead book for quick notes
Ritual wand (for middle Pillar)
Triangle of the art (KOF) with three blue candles
One silver antique vessel for incense
One black 6x6 floor ritual rug.
One very large ritual sword(used for spooning incense as needed.

Notice that my rug has as of yet not been painted as I’m currently re-writing what my fire familiar provided me as its version of a circle of pacts(mostly angelic script, some familiar, some never seen before) however my true circle has always been created astrally and its always been effective.

Ok so lets dim the lights and begin shall we?

I began the asperges of water after consecrating it within the chalice then walked around the circle sprinkling and ad-libbing praises to Mepsitahl (as in the video) which really gets you in the mood right off.

Then I performed the LBRP with the black hilted knife and it was powerful indeed. Creating huge blue flaming pentagrams all around me. I evoked the archangels as well in this case to preside over the operation. ( I always envision them and their appropriate colors,alchemical symbols,feeling of wind,heat,water,etc to bring them to life)

The middle pillar rite,I felt, was just a way for me to relax and energize my chakras(which I never actually do these days) Keep in mind that my whole rite was improv. The exception was the intent I had in mind.

I threw in the copal and sat in a relaxed pose near the vessel. The white smoke was thick with an aroma of cleansing and opened gateways leaving me in a state of flux. Quickly the temple filled with smoke as I began to fall into the TGS ( its become an on/off state for me at this point).

The paper sigil was in my left hand. Her name spoken in praises as ages ago. Her sigil glowed and began to quickly fade out. I continued a mantra of her name, her essence,her beauty,her love,her potential. I wanted it all!.

I continued to call her quietly…Mepsitahl,Mepsitahl come come…your beauty as vast as oceans of time…

I then noticed the smoke beginning to move up in a stream and explode, attempting to, what I can only say would be a figure. I continued to call her. My eyes then fell unto one spot in the smoke. Blue lights appeared in my vision flashing brightly. A face then began to form from the smoke. Appeared similar to a plaster cast of a face. I was so lost within and without me that everything around me fell to pieces. Reality was a thin translucent sheet of cookie baking paper torn in pieces.

This lasted for a few seconds. Then a blue fog appeared brightly in the center condensing itself tightly. Her face and body appeared in my astral vision “behind the smoke”

This is exactly the same thing that occurs when scrying unto water or a mirror. The same effect only this time in the air in front of me.

Her voice was slightly different. Almost as if she was speaking to me in my right ear. So distinctive and so alluring. There was a two-way channel of communication. I spoke to her aloud and she would simply reply mentally. A form of telepathy if you will. What i saw was almost a holographic representation of a woman.

I asked her to sign my book with her signature. What I saw astrally was not what I expected. It’s almost an ink drawing but hidden deep on paper. It would move and collapse to form a sigil.

I thanked her and quietly gave the license to depart.

I remained in this state for a few minutes then had a very cold shower. It’s intense!!..

Here’s what the temple looked like afterwards


I was still unsure as to why she did not completely appear within the smoke. I decided to move the summoning to the east. She borders on being angelic,almost but not quite.

My ritual setup changed.

No altar
No triangle
only the floor rug
a blue cloth with blue candles outside
Vessel with Copal Blanco from Mexico (great stuff…I believe this is what EA uses,not sure…bought 5lbs of it on ebay)(NOTE: a little of this stuff goes a long long way)

Walked around the circle sprinkling water as before. Performed the LBRP with my sword(even though I bought this sword years ago for the purpose of summoning and such, I felt that it should have a role in some way). Using the sword for the LBRP was intense. More power inside now then last night. Huge Flaming blue pentagrams everywhere.

I sat in front of the vessel, not more than three feet away. Throwing small tears inside perfuming the air again. The smoke was pure white and thick. My calling her name became more of a song which then turned into a hum,a long humming of her name.

What happened next was bizarre…I felt as though something moved straight through me in one swoop. It made me completely disoriented and staggered. I continued calling her as before…not stopping. Then I noticed the smoke attempting to move in a thin stream to the left of me. more smoke streams continued this way. Attempting to pull away in formation. My temple is completely air tight.

What followed then was what I can only say,using EA’s word…a rapture of sorts. My field of vision collapsed around me. This time everything, my field of vision darkened quickly. Before me, a group of purple and blue lights collapsing together so intense I was gapping my mouth. It sparkled and intensified. I felt as if something “divine” was before me. Once again, I saw her in my astral vision as always. I continued to call her name to get the intensity of the manifestation pronounced. Once again I saw her in a holographic format. We spoke to each other and then I gave the license to depart thanking her again. I loudly clapped my hands together to snap out of this trance(saw it on the video,works).

You would think that I would leave it at that but no. I had to know why she did not appear in the smoke. I scry her sigil again and had my notebook ready with one question: why did you not appear in the smoke?

I also did a simple three card tarot reading(Ive always done this and it simplifies the reading process to ones self when you need to understand an issue in your life,spiritual or mundane. why complicate it when less is more)

She explained to me that the phases of the moon are crucial to a manifestation where she is concerned. Makes sense…

she also took a hand in the reading and pulled out the prince of swords telling me mentally that she was with me. Cute…very cute


As always SVE great stuff, you and a couple other members have really motivated me to make more substantial contact.

I wouldn’t sweat the asshat on the other forum, until he can produce a physical manifestation for others to behold like an audience or capture it on video he’s tugging his mental wee wee as much as those he condemns. The fact that one has to be in an altered state to see the physical manifestation means to a degree it will always be mental or astral evocation.

Again thanks for the awesome post.

It would be even better if more members begin to post their own experiences with physical manifestation. I want to compare notes,understand where I went wrong,where to improve,etc…

In 4th grade science class we were all placed in groups working on dissecting a frog and understand its anatomy. WE learn in groups…

I was thinking about getting a group of forum members together to pick out a spirit, choose what implements(if any) to have in the ritual area, and we would all evoke it physically on the same date and time. This could be done at least once a month.

I am currently prepping/immersing for an evocation of Gremory from the Goetia(as per mepistahls advice - she states its her sister of sorts). However Sastan provided Focalor as an alternative(slayer of men!!..WTF…umm)

I will open a thread and see if anyone id interested. Maybe one for astral evocations and the other for physical…you think it would work?

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We had three successful “friends with benefits” projects, so yes, I think it would work. I would only do one group though - people can evoke as they see fit. Get yourself a sign-up thread where people can also comment/share experiences, and then you can do a calendar thread where you post assignments and ask people not to comment there.

Maybe call it a pathworking thread, and list out the first several entities you think the group should work with? Maybe everyone evokes the same entity multiple times during the project? I dunno, just throwing out ideas. I found that if the organization of the project is solid, people are pretty steady and committed.

great advice Red

I’ll open a thread later tonight for sign ups
then a calendar thread for assignments
I have recently uncovered two entities through Sastan that may prove useful.

One for healing and the other for “finding treasures”

Both are fire beings that have a direct link to ancient Greek mythology/History from Ethiopia. I have worked with these two so I’ll start with that and see where it goes.

thanx again Red :slight_smile:

this thread is exactly what i have been waiting to see more of here. up until now i have had to rely on the threads at a couple of forums for first-hand acounts of evocations to physical manifestation as well as lon’s book.

i’m the least pious pre-initiate you’ll ever find. i’m here only for results and have zero interest in being a spiritual trekkie so reading these accounts here on this board are right up my alley. i would be perfectly happy if i read (and wrote) a new account just like this every day, with followups describing real-world results to boot.

i’m a little bit behind you all but i’ve been working at getting my tgs sync down and i think i’m almost ready to move on but have to finish the exercises i’ve been doing.

when i’m ready i’ll be more than happy to join in and evoke with you all. i plan to do as many evocations as time and space will allow me to once i get a decomp chamber that will let me evoke at will

Always remember that you can evoke anywhere at anytime(spirit restrictions may apply…lol)

But seriously, you can use a bathroom,your backyard,the ocean(a popular place im told) a small corner of your bedroom. use your creativity and the resources available to you.

My mindset was similar. One excuse I always had was…“oh man…I need to learn the complete watchtower ritual to fully evoke a being. ok so when I learn this I’ll do it”…once I learned it then…“oh man I need to consecrate my tools. ok so when thats done I’ll do it”…etc…

You only need to trust yourself and jump right in.

I had a friend of mine ask about how you can be absolutely certain that what you have evoked is in fact the entity. again, I started out a few years back with Konstantinos Book. Although its not a scarlett press edition nor a fancy hardback with a cool emblem, the information inside helped me in understanding who and what of the spirit world(at least until EA came unto our plane of existence). incidentally, a little Kaballistic theory under your belt wouldn’t hurt either.

Some things to keep in mind:

1.) trust yourself and your visions (easier said than done,but doing is the only way)

2.) always question entities

3.) Ask for a handwritten signature (this is easy, ask them to write their signature in the air or in the glass,bowl,your mind)

4.) if they refuse,question that entity again

Its a strange paradox where you are attempting to trust that which you have no knowledge of and at the same time making sure they are who they say they are.

In my neighborhood one day, a bunch of kids on their BMX bikes saw me and came to me to see my tattoos. They thought that I was this ex-con who was on his way to see his “PO”. Since that was their mindset I decided to have a little fun…

“yeah so…ah…when I was in juvi I threw gasoline on these ten kids and burned them up alive…then I was in gen pop for another fifteen years…welcome to cellbock 45…”

“ohhhhh wow…” their eyes amazed at the being before them…

so you see,we make our own reality based on our beliefs.

You will see what you want to see,unless you begin to judge it,questioned it, and then make a sound judgment through applied knowledge(prep immersion,research).

But ironically, trust it also…


[quote=“S.V.E, post:7, topic:1646”]Always remember that you can evoke anywhere at anytime(spirit restrictions may apply…lol)

But seriously, you can use a bathroom,your backyard,the ocean(a popular place im told) a small corner of your bedroom. use your creativity and the resources available to you.[/quote]

you know what, that actually makes a lot of sense. yesterday i evoked phenex on a bridge outside overlooking a ravine and i skryed the sunset. all i had was phenex’s sigil. and there were people walking right by me while i did it. so i am already moving in the direction you are talking about, mostly because i have no other choice.

Once you discover and trust your astral senses to what you are “beholding” no matter where you are, then you begin to see many things that were right in front of you but never acknowledged.

Reading a book like “The Holographic Universe” will help immensely in the application and understanding of evocation and the “TGS”.

A few weeks ago while working with the fire element, I did ask Sastan for a magickal familiar that would assist me in all fire rituals.

While watching TV I noticed that my temple room door was half way opened. I then noticed a gray skinned being with gray wings lurched on the floor in the center drawing two circles. I went and quickly picked up my notebook and pen. The writing was familiar to me, angelic, and others were strange shapes. I drew them the best that I could.

He is an androgynous fire being/angel that not only assists but can purify the entire room with flame (something quite intense to see). The only drawback is that he has a creepy smile…ummm

If you practice what you already discovered daily, then the visions will begin to appear. There really are no limits.

sometimes its different. i don’t always get visuals. it changes all the time. yesterday i heard a few sounds but got mostly kinesthetic cues, temperature changes, and a feeling of something tapping on my forehead, as well as the wind picking up speed and tree branches bending, flicks of rainwater on me, only visual cue was the sky changing with clouds, etc.

other times outside of ritual ppl just say things to me. like they are trying to read my mind or give me messages. or people start acting wierd. i tend to get a lot of lunatics trying to follow me and give me messages. they tend to be very christian and gay. either that or angry little fat lesbians. maybe that kind of energy is trying to break into my life and can’t find an in. who knows for sure?

shit just kind of happens, basically.

Your perceptions are beginning to alter the more you delve deeply into your own practice.

Just last night I “evoked” via black mirror the elemental king of water Nichsa.
A very “regal” young man with a swirling transparent cloak flowing endlessly around him. He wears a crown of water and is a very slow moving, quietly speaking spirit. His advice and knowledge about the water element and how to perform water magick effectively is like taking a 101 philosophy course.

Apart from asking him certain questions,I did ask him to perform a tiny little miracle for me. My house is terribly not insulated and so the heat inside, no matter how many BTU’s are running, gets rather hot, particularly the temple room.

I asked him to please cool the house down to make it a little more comfortable. He did this almost immediately. All the hot air inside completely left and the temperature dropped slightly enough to breathe.

He explained to me that this phenomenon does not last too long.

Outside my home,A storm began to brew and after the rite a nice cool rain came down. Perfect way to end a rite of the king of water - strong lightning and thunder followed by rain.

I do understand that most practitioners care little for mirror evocations(or spirit clairvoyance,if thats what we are calling it these days) but at the very least I am immersing myself daily into the practice. Continuing to bring my senses to a pitch high enough for my physical work.

Tonight will be Taliahad, a water angel of sorts. She is quite good, i’ve heard, in talismanic Magick.

This weekend im physically evoking Djinn in the south. Should be intense.

i’m looking forward to doing mirror work, it’s very important for magickal development. i’m not a believer that mirror work is ‘cheating’ - anything that helps you tune into the spiritual reality is valid to me, and if it gets results it’s just another form of spirit communication. kind of the same way speaking through skype, on the phone, or through email is an alternate of having someone right there in front of you. i guess i just see mirror work as kind of like skyping the spirits is all

I have to agree with this, especially if you approach things with a sufficient degree of neuroplasticity. For example, my most valuable experiences with non-Earthplane-corporeal beings have been exclusively through active dreaming. I can’t even hear them in this world, but in the dream plane I can have all types of interaction with them. With this in mind, their effects on this plane have easily been extremely powerful, and very physical as well. So, whatever method you use, things will start to come together on their own if you practice effectively. I am currently experiencing poltergeist effects at this moment, with doors closing and opening, even though they are shut closed, or lights flickering on and off without other electrical interference. Get immersed in it, and even in idle moments, the powers you are calling into your life will eagerly greet you at odd points in the day!

Yes, the secret to this all is the Crossroads. You call the spirit here into materialization, and at the same time you elevate your senses, essentially meeting the spirit halfway. This is when the “Aha” moment kicks in, and you find yourself face-to-face with the spirit.


Hello my name is Victor can you still do physical manifestation would you be able to preform an invocation or evocation of a spirit and relay the message back to me? Reasons for getting in touch with representatives of the spirit realm: I need them to save my life and the life of many others around heall my body and help me to defend a lot of life and to fuffil my life mission I am ancippating to achieving a way of constant direct communicate from the spirits to give me all the information I need to be able to do my healing and defence work I’m highly spiritually advanced the spirits will know me well from there ill
bring them to physical manifestation so I can hear see and speak to them which I’ve done before so I’m anticipating a highly detailed message on many subjects and most particularly a way acess the higher realms astral and above to coonect with God here’s a recent photo and other info please let me know also wanted to know the spirits you work with to see if they cross over with mine on my light side you can contact archangel Micheal for example one I work with do you work with Angela and demons? Many thanks

Welcome @Victor12. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

PS: The members of this forum are NOT a messaging service and will not pass messages.

A funny thing happened while searching Mepsitahl…

So, last night/morning, I was on the Mastering Evocation course site reviewing some things. EA had stated we should start with Sastan but he does mention Mepsitahl. I was drawn to her more so I etched her a sigil and began to call upon her a few. Soon as I saw a slight sigil flash I greeted her and I felt cool air on my face. Im not facing the AC and my door was closed. I notated it.

Today at dusk I say on my porch crosslegged and spoke unto the elements my desire to be more than just a practitioning rootworker/lhp witch. I want to be a channel. A clear one. Few hours later I sat in my room at 10pm and began to sigil gaze at her. What seems to be aura white around the sigil and flashing, I closed my eyes and requested she teach me telepathy and clairvoyance. Respectfully, I asked her to be my teacher. My concentration was broken by my son yelling at his game. I then came to the forum to see if I could find anything on her because shes sort of non existent on the top shelf of Google. I clicked this particular topic first. Im glad I did.

You really shed light on some of my questions and being that there is no actual course classroom and mod these comments were informational. Thanks, guys.