Physical Evocation Books

Hello guys I found magicians that claim Phisical Evocation bought some great books.
Dr Stephen Skinner the guy who translated our grimoires with 30+years magician
Jake stratton Kent 40 years goetic magitian
Julio *Cesar Ody interesting dude
Aaron Leight guy who gives offerings to the demons the other method

I am learning new stuff still.
Skinner claims that if he doesnt get phisical contact he does not finish his rituals sound rituals include 3-4 hours uses the whole goetic system by the book. although is hard his experiences are interesting.

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You left out Joseph lisiewski. This is the guy that Koetting lifted his subjective synthesis idea from. Good list otherwise.

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Thank you I am researching him now I didnt know him :slight_smile: if you know more please inculde