Physical Defense / Invincibility

Does anyone have experience with defense of physical violence? One way would be aiming towards avoiding the situation entirely. However I am looking for information about literal invincibility, through spirits, energy work, etc.

Have any spirits helped you stay safe in a physical altercation? Any other methods?

I know of stories about Rasputin being able to survive dozens of gunshots, but it may be just a myth. Similar anecdotes exist about various monks and energy workers making their skin impenetrable or making the assailants weapon fail. However these could also easily be false.

There are many proven examples of people getting in very serious accidents or fights and surviving wounds that should be unsurvivable. Falling 10+ stories, taking many gunshots and stabs and surviving, etc. I feel like this should mean that it is feasible for magic to be able to increase your survivability and physical resilience.

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Sorry, but no spirit is going to make you physically invincible. Magick loses to the material all the time. Just take a look at history, and the magical civilizations, like the Inca, who were slaughtered by conquerors with firearms. Their gods certainly couldn’t make them bulletproof.

Or the Boxer rebellion in China, where the monks were told by their masters that their chi made them invulnerable. It didn’t.

Rasputin was a large, heavyset man, and the guns of his time were low velocity compared to modern weaponry, making it possible for his mass to effectively slow the penetration of the projectiles. He still would have bled out, though, if his assassins hadn’t also thrown him into a river to drown (and it was not dozens of shots, but more likely around only half a dozen or so).

Every body is different, and surviving has a lot more to do with luck and circumstance than anything else. Something as small as a bullet veering a micrometer to the left instead of the right when it enters the body, could determine if you live or die. Or if a knife blade glances off a rib instead of penetrating the heart.

Chi can increase healing and resilience to disease, but it cannot overcome massive physical damage. Supposedly, there are techniques (in the Mo Pai tradition, for example) that can enable high level practitioners to become immune to a knife blade if they see it coming, but I certainly wouldn’t bet my life on that.

The martial artist Glen Morris went through the kundalini and had an unlimited supply of chi at his disposal, but he still got injured in sparring matches with his high level ninja friends.

Magick can definitely affect probability, and increase your chances of surviving, but that doesn’t mean you will be able to survive anything and everything. The physical will always win in the end.


I would take a different approach … the ninja approach.

Be there without being there, due to your new friend, King Bael.

The ninja way.

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Thank you for the information. I think I may study chi in a while after I become more proficient with spirit working.

So, becoming invincible or at least invulnerable to physical attacks is highly unlikely. Will it be better to just go the route of avoidance? i.e. Bael, Micheal, Belial, maybe more, petition them or do other workings to ask them to help me and my loved ones avoid injuries?

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Why not go the route of the 72 Shem Angels? Many of them are for protection.

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It seems like Bael is going to be one of the best options for what I am looking for, from what I’ve seen so far at least.

He has helped me avoid named individuals and hide information before so I will see what he can do.

Also, in terms of Shem Angels, I haven’t experienced much with them apart from saying their names in the DoM rituals. Are there any in particular that are the best for physical world protection (as opposed to curse protection or other spiritual protections)?

I think Michael is an angel who protects, I have worked with him before but I am not sure if he is a Shem angel or different one. I will have to read through the 72 Angels of Magick book

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I will look into the angels when I have a moment, and create a thread on Angels for Protection for you and BALG. I created some threads on angels, but I think the sheer volume of Shems and their hosts/armies, was the reason why I didn’t create one. It might be a week before I can do so, because of my life activity. Michael is the Captain of the Hosts of Armies. He’s Jules Pitt and Marcellus Wallace from Pulp Fiction and probably has the wallet.

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Avoidance is always best, but you can never avoid everything. If you want to remain as safe as possible, then prepare yourself both physically, and magically. Don’t depend on just magick alone.

One of the keys to surviving the unsurvivable is a healthy body and mind. Increase your fitness, add muscle to your frame (the denser your mass, the harder it is to cut through), take up a martial art, learn to fight, and strengthen your will through discipline. Mind over matter goes a long way to keeping you alive against the odds so a strong will is a necessity.

Spirits like angels and demons can help protect you against bad luck, bad weather, and negative circumstances, but you can also build up your own energy and strengthen your aura to ward off any random leeches or negative energy that might get casually thrown your way.

Remember, you and your loved ones will get hurt, that is just a fact of physical life. Accidents happen. However, the key is to be strong in mind and body, and not let fear get the better of you. Be as prepared as you can, but don’t forget to enjoy your life.


I would try possession by Belial or Satan, either together or separate, to enhance your strength and defenses

It won’t make you invincible, but it may make you stronger


From Christianity and Hinduism (maybe to use separately) there are Psalm 91 and mantras such as “Arutperunjothi arutperunjothi Thaniperungkarunai arutperunjothi” and “Om namo Bhagavate”.
About the aura, for general protection it may be visualized golden-white (besides, in any case, bright and large). Work with the elements: imagine to breathe them etc., in this case, while working for example with water a possible color to visualize the aura is cyan.
An occultist on his Youtube channel explains that many years dedicated to such a sort of invincibility could theoretically make it more close, so to speak.


yep, good catch.

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