Physical changes

Is there a demon that can change my body ? Like make my skin lighter change my eye color etc ?

Try glamours perhaps…

Huh ?

Basically they are spells that are meant to change the appearance of an object of person (corrections please, BALG)

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I know that. But are there any demons that can do that as well ?

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Here, this is a useful tool. I’ve seen a few names in here that are able to change appearance.

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@KingOfHearts616 @TheRookie The Goetia shouldn’t be read outside of a very specific context. That is that the entities and the sigils are very real, but the rest of the book is utter nonsense. Just understand that and you will be fine.


I use it for the sigils and names. Sometimes a brief description of what they are adept in. Past that I use nothing from it.

The version linked is basically only descriptions, names and sigils


Yes, descriptions, names and sigils is what the goetia is good for.


Could Marbas and Gremory do this together or separate ?