Physical Body Changes

Hello, I have always wandered if there are any entities or visualizations/exercises, magick squares, incantations, or mantras to build your body muscle or just simply let you control what your body looks like. I know that in order for these to work, you would have to try to change your body in the mean time and call upon the aid. I’ve just never heard of any yet and would like to inquire about experiences you had or techniques that worked for you.

There are such techniques, and you don’t need a fancy ritual for them to work.

Start a regular workout routine. In combination with that, every morning, you should take 3-4 minutes to look into the mirror and use a visualization exercise of your choice to boost the results. One example would be a breathing exercise where you visualize light entering your body and gathering at your solar plexis when you inhale, and visualize that light flowing to and remaining in your muscles when you exhale. After you feel your muscles hum with energy, go and do your morning workout knowing it will be supercharged. Give yourself 15-20 min. afterwards before you eat Breakfast.

At night, every night, do a similar breathing exercise while laying in bed – you can have your eyes closed for this. This time direct the energy to remove toxins from your muscles and tell the light to help your body build muscle faster. Visualize what you want your body to look like, and feel that with every second your body gets closer and closer to that goal. Its OK to fall asleep during the visualization – your body will keep doing what you told it to do while you sleep.

Do this for about 60 days – I guarantee results.

Visualize what you want your body to look like,

don’t forget to visualize the performance you want, tell your body to bulk up fast and you will, but you may not achieve the strength, speed, power, or endurance you want from that size of muscle. i kinda use this to keep my muscle as small as i possibly can.