Physical Alternation (AKA How does one gain Real Supernatural Condition)


Do these lectures include how to pronounce the mantras/chants that go with Mudras? That also held me up.


He has an audio download, also free, that is specifically the various mantras used within his system.

For the Kuji in mantras, such as the one associated with his systems variation of “Rin” is “Om Vajramanataya Swaha”. He covers those in individual video lectures on each one.

Note- maha Vajra uses a universal system that he claims is not tied to any paricular diety. That being said, other similar Kuji in systems use variations of mantra and mudra. Similar concepts yes, but more focused the link with a particular wrathful diety… Rin being associated with Fudo Myo. The “Immovable One”

For more on the later variation, see the book:

“Ninja Mind: Harnessing the Mental Strength and Physical Abilities of the Ninjutsu Masters”
Book by Kevin K Casey

It is a full book on the concept of Rin. It is an excellent book.

At the end of the day, realize that this is a very deep rabbit hole with many gatekeepers. Bottom line, there is a long study ahead. If you want to truly learn these things beyond just intellectual study, seek out legitimate ninjitsu. Schools can be found all over the world. Prepare to immerse in a long fascinating journey.


Well, all I have is time. So, I am willing to meet the gatekeepers on their terms, and I am ready to see where and how deep the rabbit hole goes. So, I’m glad you and the others are pointing me to the right direction, thank you so much.


Well once you begin to summon Azazel and have stated what you want, he’s relentless he won’t stop at nothing to get you where you need to be. He don’t like begging and he hares apologizes at least from my experience. So je prepared to have a heavy workload healed uppn you, howver the knowledge and power his teachings give are priceless.

Be sure when he gives you an instruction that you take note, if you care avout incense use dragon’s blood or Myrr. There’s a video about how to summon Baal by E.A Koetting on youtube.


I ordered the book, just curious why did you recommended this book: If this is the right book, just curious if this will help my journey.