Photo Magic?

Allright, so I have played around fiercfully with something the last year…

It started with that I was scrolling around on Instagram on random beautiful women, celebrietis and so on. And I started noticing when i gazed my sight on the photos that it stardet to slighly morph… The eyes widend a bit, it was like the photograph had a soul and stared back at me, the hair started to flow and sensations filled me up with emotions of information on how a relationship, sexual, romantic, serious or not would be with that particular person…

Its been really fun doing it while jacking of for exampel, to trip out like that but i start to wonder what im exacly doping?. .

Is it magick? Is it some kind of entity communicating through the pictures? Is it me subconcoussly practising the law of attraction?


Satanic Witchcraft
Satanic Witchcraft.pdf
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