Phosphorous Among-Us

Time to relight the fiah and spit lyrical gnosis into the mire
Comin back atcha, the lankiest pranksta of the age-uh,
the one and only Magickal Gangsta!

Phee Phi Pho Phum, I dun even give a Phuhhhh
Take this magick wand and give it a - whuh? Nah,
I didn’t say it so you can jus’ shuh
Keep ya shit ta yaself and save it fa latuuuhhh

I hear you!
Tell em what!?
No fear, boo

Down through the top and back out again, spinnin in the middle like a top goin round a bend
Feelin it passin, lightin up dat meridian, and back again, and sin again, pinch of cinammon will do if ya out of gin
Scream about offerings and acumen, is it ten again, time is meaningless when we strike eleven

I’m callin, I’m crying, arms wavin, blaring sirens
Scratchin and clawin against the walls of everything we tryin
Keep strivin, brothuhs and sistahs in arms, no lyin
Gesticulating wildly to reach the archives of the dyin and pious

Meaningful meaninglessness makes a mess in the abyss of consciousness,
I aquiesce to the request of this transmutable effernescence
No more, no less, the behest of the best is transience made manifest

Can you see it?
Can you feel it?
Can you reach it?
Can you be it?

Reach out, rise up, stretch out, make it yours
Merge up, sink down, make the most of the whores and the Norse before our torn and sore spirits that implore for more

The world is yours and mine and ours and we are that we are that we are one, in the stars we are born
Shorn and forlorn the path is passed in the morn for sure

I am the Day! I am the Star! I am the light that came before!
I am the sun! I am the shore! I am the waters that rage so quiet and underscore the prevalent, seemingly ambivalent, so very hard to forget, eternally present remnant of everything they thought and beget before they set upon the soil of the planet

Open your mind, open your eye, look to the sky and see my freak flag fly colors - a line across time - and, oh so bright, shine