Phonetic pronunciation websites

trying to get a website that will break down latin words phonetically so that i can make sure i am pronouncing them properly. Anybody got anything for this?

Thanks ahead of time.


Google translate. English to Latin.
Don’t use it though.
If you hold the intention of what you want to achieve and speak it to the best of your ability it works.

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Getting technical can be good. I’m usually chaotic and freestyle about things, but I got into futhark runes and cracked out on the details. It was great, and I wound up with my own custom runes and rules for spelling. It’s such a killer tool. I’ve barely started using it.

That kind of thing is the way of the “Galdr” in some circles. It means “Chanter”. The “Seidr” or “Seether” do things the intuitive way. Fun stuff.

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So the intention is more powerful than accuracy even with a spoken language.?

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Thanks for the insight as I have no ideas about circles or covers or anything of the matter.

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Right on. By “certian circles” I mean Norse tradition. The Norse held on to old European ways longer than anyone else, and passed down some of the only translatable records of ancient European mythos.

So if the Viking ways seem oddly popular, that’s why. Asatru is the the only tradition who’s writing made it past the Inquisition. As it turns out, Thor was popular all over the old West. People would make metal hammer amulets for Thor, and archeologists find those in France and Spain and all sorts of non-scandinavian places.

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Oh man that’s even better!

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Speak it with power. If you are having trouble with some words, by all means research the pronunciation. Break it down into phonetics if you want to vibrate the words.
Have it written on a piece of paper.

In my experience the intention is more powerful than the spoken word. You feel it. It seems to flow

For example you could be vibrating a chant in latin or demonic for invocation. But thinking about something else which distracts you, it has a not as powerful effect.

If you clear the mind and focus your attention on your intention and hold it. It’s more effective and powerful cause your not distracted.

Intention and focus play a big role.


I will definitly take your advice to heart.