So today I was, lucky enough to engage with god known to be the god of poetry and the experience was/is very rewarding…I got bored of normal routine and sort for different kind of knowledge… I wanted help in expressing myself artistically and Phenex obliged and has agreed to take me up as a student, in this endeavour… His purpose with me will be to teach me poetry writing and expressing myself and my work will be to absorb every bit of knowledge there is… This is my first day and my oh my have I felt a great increase in my intelligence and literature… Articulation…beautiful words just making way into my subconscious… Its just beautiful… Below are the pieces I tried putting up today… Not so much magick related but this can almost as proof of the vast abilities of these, beings…enjoy
Is, the desire to escape stagnance
Change is, the need to, see, from a, different, perspective
Change is, fluid
Motion, exerted
By the mind that, is, fed up of routine
That loaths pattern and prison
Change is the ultimate goal
A, mind that, resists this process
Will most certainly crash
Crumble and shatter on impact
Change is akin to riding a fierce dragon
Taming a, wild horse
Domesticating a, violent, Ox
Hence you must adhere
To the laws of rythm
Feel it, in your system
Flow as your, blood does
Rise and set, as the sun
Migrate as the wild beasts
The flexible will last
Heed these words
And unveil, secrets, of the universe

Every soul has a spark
Every eye yearns to see
Every mind wants to know
Every hand desires to feel
The great serpentine light flows within
All and one
Creature and man
Waiting to rise
To indulge in the hyper awareness
Of the very essence of creation
To explode like magma from a volcano
The ultimate test
Is to survive the tempest
And emerge out of the other end
With melody and harmony
Light and darkness
Rhythm and hyms
Songs for the great serpent
One and all
Ride the great dragon

In the possibility of losing your heart to a cherished one I believe
I have seen felt and held in my grasp the sensation of feeling adored
My, soul has ever exploded in the immense furnace, of Venus
Never have I witnessed something so real yet so elusive
Solid yet gaseous all at once
So brittle yet malleable
I stand from a top a mountain
On the horizon I see love so far out of reach yet just within the clouds

This is, mongolia
The year, is
The Bald king saddles up his horse
Sips and spits the wine, offered to him by his servants
You can tell he is, shook
Looks up in the sky
The sun, is, covered by grey, clouds
The wind blows furiously
Legend has, it that the wind functions as a mirror for his emotions
He is, enraged
Taking a head at this moment would be as swift as drinking soup for him
His eyes, spewing, blood
His fat face sweating skull and bones
He reeks of death
The dead animals woven In his attire have come back to, life
"We must escape this before we die a second death "they say
A million silver pieces
Call forth your fiercest and ruthless warrior… He will piss and shit his pants
The king is endorsed by spirits of the storm

He is, losing
And Mongolia, does not, lose

About, Phenex

Zodiac Position: 0-4 degrees of LibraSeptember 23rd-27thTarot Card: 2 of SwordsPlanet: VenusMetal: CopperElement: AirPlant: RoseCandle color: PinkRank: MarquisPhenex is a Night Demon and rules 20 legions of spirits

His specialty is poetry and writing of letters. He teaches all of the sciences and answers questions. Phoenix has black feathery wings. Phenex appears as a bird with black feathers that fall out as he flies. His tail has red-orange and yellow feathers that are very long and straight. He is accompanied by an attendant Demon who appears as an eagle.

…Hope as I progress I become ultimately magnificent at this, art.but so far I am still, in awe

Infernal, blessings


Wow. I lobe poetry maybe it’s the Libra I. Me. You know love all all things beautiful.

You should definitely get these together in a word document or file and see if you get a poetry book out of this. It might start you on a new career path.

Good Luck :smiley:

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Thanks… Definitely will doo
Its amazing really… My mind is still just,stunned, low-key processing the infinite amounts of knowledge being uploaded into it… Must admit I am taken aback …his presence still, lingers… Like getting high and the experience is just increasing
…Im really, eager to, see how this, turns out…
Oh BTW I was seated outside and a bird just, shit on me😂 I’ll take this as a sign the gods have answered my call

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I was looking into calling him since I am a writer myself lol so this was nice to see he will do wonders for you