Phoenix Journal

Recently, come into contact with the idea of creating abilities. I have done this in the past, but not to any large extent. The film of reality is peeling off, and the ultimate discovery will only be made by the one who looks beyond what is set in boundaries for him.

I don’t plan on leaving much personal information here. But I will periodically update this as I go along.

I want to hear your experiences, but not what you think is possible.

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If we are to speak and ideals for a moment, what is it that I desire in terms of power? It would be insane to not desire for everything and anything in such a realm.

Is there a specific limit you can add to boundlessness? Perhaps not, but maybe there are goalposts you can set for yourself.

Essentially, I’m talking about testing the limits of my abilities over and over. First I will start with trying to understand certain manifestations and how they differ. Then I will attempt to understand how to utilize my abilities to immediately or at least quickly get these results, whatever that takes.

From there, a lot can be done. Although it seems rather elementary, it’s an amazing place to begin.

It would be ideal to focus upon certain kinds of manifestations involving love relationships. Why? Because these are the trickiest. I could tell myself that I would experience any spiritual happening, and it would happen. Things that assure me past belief that what I’m doing is giving me concrete results.

For me, love is different. Because there’s a certain kind of chemical and emotional binding we have to love. If we could learn to sidestep of this, perhaps many other doors would open for us.

Your journal sounds interesting. I will be reading it.

Now I just have to find a place to study. It would be ideal to learn from someone who has mastered such a thing, and someone who I can trust as a teacher. Worst case scenario, I could always talk to spirits. I might just do that.

Simple way to do it, we pull straws.

I may not have added everyone who is considered a popular contender, but I did add quite a few people I found on searching the forum. I just want to see you who is the most liked by numbers, and also why you like them if that wouldn’t hurt you so much.

I didn’t add sitri because I consider him a sex spirit, which is not something I’m interested in as of now

Dantalion explains that love manifestations need a certain level of’s not as if you need to focus on it for a long time, but you need to focus on it entirely. But in a way that was hard for me to understand at first.

You need to focus on your visualization of what you want to occur as it is the only thing that exists. This might take a few tries to get used to. Focus on the feelings, the sights, the sounds, whatever. Dental and believes that only the sights and feelings are truly required.

This is most likely helpful or other manifestations, but it is absolutely required for this.

I’m feeling a little tired right now. I’m going to keep my general number of posts to a minimum at first. Try to get the most content in one post at a time.

Basically, I’ve decided that there’s no doubt that I understand the basics of manifestation now. I read a book, I talked to Dantalion. It was a fun time. If I’m to go anywhere next, with my experience, it would probably be some sort of consecration ritual. To anyone reading this, I need as manyresources on the 9 gatekeepers as I can get. Everyone on this forum seems to already know everything about them, and there are no real questions about how to be initiated. I may simply look up the order of The gatekeepers and invoke them to work with them until they see it fit that I move on

I will be working through the 9 gatekeepers. This may take some significant time to complete. Regardless, I plan on finishing the path before proceeding with everything else, as it is a part of the plan.

I always feel like I want to speak with someone here, and yet I always feel afraid to talk to people.

I worked with Belial. He taught me about alchemy, and yet I am not quite sure if I heard his teachings right. He said I did, and I feel I did. The dark energy from Lucifer’s gate makes me feel very… pleased with myself.