Phobias and pessimism

What knowledge can help a magician eliminate insecurity(phobias and paranoia attachments indecisiveness) and pessimism from his being permanently?

There are 2 ways I’d go about doing that. To eliminate phobias I’d get an entity that’s trusted and get them to do a kind of mind cleansing on you, kinda like reverse brain washing so to speak. I think Eva posted about doing a similar thing with Lord Saturn (reconditioning the mind to rid it of fears), she might be able to shed more light on that. As for pessimism, I believe that lies in self discipline. There’s an extract from Ippsissimus that really made me think about this kind of topic, EA’s mentor was describing what it means to be disciplined and spoke about how living in the material world is what trains true discipline. Monks who go and live in mountains to focus on spirituality and meditation are great at what they do because there are no distractions there, you have nothing to take your mind away from what your doing. Living in the mundane world is harder. You have people tricking you, advertisements appealing to the ego and everything is designed to depress you and distract you from your own spirituality. Once you can walk through a busy street in a large city being distracted by all these things and still maintain your mind then you’re really disciplined.
The world is beautiful, it’s the people who make you pessimistic, once you change your perspective you will notice the world for what it is. But discipline is the hardest thing to achieve.

Thanks Azael for the awesome reply

Yes, I asked Saturn to help me remove all blocks within my own mind to power, via a lengthy candle spell: you could also work with spirits who represent the thing you’re phobic of in some way - asking them to repair whatever’s causing you to have an irrational fear, and to heal you and render you immune.

Emotional Freedom Technieu (EFT, also known as “tapping”) is good for phobias, and all the works of Napoleon Hill & Clement Stone are good for imbuing and reinforcing a positive attitude, and also the book Psycho-Cybernetics (the white & red paperback edition, not the more modern one - check Amazon reviews for that info) is very good for a deeper kind of mind-cleaning, and all this stuff works in harmony with magick, and evocation of spirits and planetary forces.

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Was eagerly waiting for Lady Eva’s reply to fill me with wisdom and confidence.Got that!!Thanks!!

…or you could just use hypnosis mp3’s like I did.

What started out to help stop smoking 10 years ago have morphed into a decade long cleansing exercise courtesy of these folks