Philosphy of will power

EA -
I have only found your website and your YouTube channel a few days ago. I am intrigued by your philosophy of will power you mention in your videos, specifically “Why perform magic if I have everything Already?” and the other videos. I find your philosophy similar to mine in regards to will power. I am not a practicing magician or in to magic at all. You clearly have a strong will power and a set of goals.
The basis of my philosophy of will power comes from the book -

33 Laws of Power by Robert Greene.
Have you read this book on getting more personal power?
Having a goal and seeking it like an arrow in flight. Meditating on what you want and mentally visualizing it and sending that mental force into the universe. I do not have the magical ability to mentally create a item the way you have with your motorcycle in a type of ethereal fog. I just mentally form an image of what I want and think on how I can get that Item or information. When I close my eyes and thing along those lines I sometime think I see an imp like creature which looks like a small spiked lizard. (but this is a thought image only when my eyes are closed). I then my thoughts towards it and tell it to take care of this issue through thought/will power.
I believe one need a strong will that first comes from the mental and then manifests itself in the personality and way one carries oneself in the world. Will power is both mental as well as personality and the combination of the two.
Any thoughts on this matter of will power and your philosophy on it is.