As I’ve begun to awaken myself for the nine millionth time, I find it, that I should spread my wings more and more. I want this to occur in my philosophy, I too, want that to evolve.
Edit: what are your favorite philosophies? I want to know more.


Friedrich Nietzsche. Particularly Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Guy kicks butt. No mercy. Get yourself a couple of different translations so you can underline and highlight.

Nietzsche is my philosophical Get-Fucked Man! Just lovely.



Marcus Aurelius Meditations.

Get stoic.


Also 48 laws of power Robert green.


I don’t know if it’s a genuine philosophy, but it’s an idea i love dearly.

Frank Herbert, in his book Dune, outlined the difference between a Human and an animal. He said that an animal is ruled by its instincts. A Human, however, can overcome those instincts. The example given in the book was a bad one, as most things can endure pain in favor of not dying immediately, but you can hold up the idea to other instincts and get a much clearer picture of this.



By all means, check out the Greek masters.

Pythagoras invented the word philosophy, revolutionised music and geometry, and used the pentagram as the mark of his order.

Socrates was told by the Oracle of Apallo that he was the wisest among men, then challenged the ideas of his time until they killed him.

Plato and Aristotle basically hung out and invented western civilization in their spare time.

I found a path named Philos that led me through an ascension and dropped me at the feet of Athena. Philosophy is a real deal path of you’ve developed your sight.

Everything is everything. Nietzsche was a quitter.