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Came across your forum just a few minutes ago as a result of a Google search regarding the Zodiac. I’m listening to Jordan Maxwell on Gaia right now, and he had a graphic I wanted to know more about. That led me here, and I’m very glad it has. I have had a deep reverence for magic my entire life, despite my christian parents’ best efforts to stifle my belief in the metaphysical. I have studied a variety of practices but am by no means an expert. I hope to learn and share my experience with you all and grow in my understanding. Thank you.


This doesn’t really tell us anything about your experience.

What do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

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I don’t really practice in the traditional sense. I don’t follow a particular discipline or dogma or structure or anything like that. My studies have been more a pursuit of curiosity, and they have included everything I can find; Quantum mechanics, physics, Astrology and Astronomy, Kabalah, Celtic Druidic practices as well as modern Druidism, Kmet, Asatru, African and Carribean Voodoo, and others. I don’t often consciously cast spells or do rituals, but I have kind of reflexively or instinctually sent energies out into the universe to to further my endeavors. I don’t know if there’s a term designated for this sort of belief system, but I suppose it’s closer to Shinto than anything. I have cast runes for a few years (sparingly) and recently began learning from the tarot. It is difficult to encapsulate a lifetime of experience in a single post. I hope that clarifies it a bit for you though.