Hello I am a low level sorcerer compared to many and I join this group as a humble explorer of the spirit world. I am very much involved with Phenex and I would like to learn from other people about this angel. I am very egalitarian and friendly and I just enjoy socializing with others and I have a lot to learn. I look foward to making friends with all of you.

Hey, and welcome to this forum. I would recommend an introduction post here, before making further posts. It’s one of this forums rules.

No, I’m not, but sometimes the moderators miss new posts from new members on the forum, and as a member here, we all help to redirect to the right threads. Anyway. Welcome! :slight_smile:

I’ve read it and liked it, so you don’t have to state the obvious. I was just trying to be polite. :slight_smile:

Mods on here aren’t henchmen, this is such a friendly forum precisely because members look out for each other as well. So succupedia and other members are always welcome to remind someone if they think a newer member doesn’t know the ropes. :slight_smile:

Jason, 23 posts in about 5 hours - are you very enthusiastic or something?

what other names does Phenex have?

[quote=“Arann, post:6, topic:7249”]he’s FAST AND FURIOUS. HAHA!
what other names does Phenex have?[/quote]

What? Did you mean, angel of technology?
But phoenix is not an angel at all.