Pets & illness

My ma’s cat is named Lightning. We’ve had a flea infestation and one day she put some pet shampoo on her and washed her. Now she’s missing hair and scratching to scans. We’re out in the boonies since no vehicles so she can’t go to vet. I really question my ma’s Logic at times using old products. I would have bought something pet friendly (which I have now and am still trying to get the special food from DinoVite).

Her body is riddled with scabs and looks like a wasted alley cat. If I can’t stop this scratching and cure the wounds then I know the result…


Ma got an appointment for her to get to the vet at 2:30 pm. Luckily tribe has sent a van for shopping today so my ma is using that opportunity. As we have no transportbut feet and bicycle (when I’m not sick which I am) it has been an issue.

I’m pretty sure my Pa’s pit bull has cancer as his body is riddled with tumors and he whimpers in pain. He takes a pet cbd oil as Oregon is growing in new treatments for people and animals.

Gem my elderly black cat is similarly sick and probably gave Lightning the sniffles and snot which could be even more serious. Gem has had her issues for over 2 years and there has been no way to get her to the vet. I’ve tried everything and if she didn’t come inside a few years ago I know she’d be dead.

Lost 2 cats last year. Chance the orange tabby was very old so it was expected. Fuzzy, the 1/2 maincoone was young (maybe 8-10). He died of a wasting disease that made him skinny, (not worms as I gave him the best worker vets can give — I biked to get the medicine).

I’m to where this place is death and misery. The storm destroyed everything of the sanctuary and my outdoor cat structures. I’ve had nothing but I’ll to shitty luck and happenings.

So naturally, I’ve abandoned all spirits as they’ve never helped ever to my knowledge. It’s turned to anger, rage, and apathy to existence for what I build or love is destroyed.

Even in my best of times I saw prayer, gods, spirits, magic failing time and time again.

The only gods I see are mankind.
The only trinity is those behind Corporations, Government, and the lies of Religion.

It’s a dying world and I suspect all we know will crumble to dust under the sheer weight of mankind’s arrogance and greed. So… apathy is how I feel. Uncaring to ALL but a few surviving pets.

If there is an afterlife I expect worse. But upon death my shackles for reasonable thought and holding onto anything (pets, mind, consciousness, soul, accomplishments, spirits of family / ancestors, and the very existence) will be gone.

I’ll go feral and seek only annihilation via self or others since everything is lies, deceit, deception and garbage.

As I often say… there is no hope. Nothing escapes the Void. And hatred for any being that plays god is on that list. For what does eternity matter. Everyone fears of loss but when it keeps happening you can only rage and attack for what’s to lose.

Nothing has value at all. It’s ALL a LIE!

You know it sounds a lot like how this town was towards me a while back. The land itself in this state is not meant to be lived on by humans and the spirits of the land are rebelling against those living here. By that magnitude there is probably a ley line or nexus nearby that is either tainted by negative energy or ruled over by an angry spirit. The flea issue here only stopped after I both got a strong enough ward to keep the negative energy of the neighbors back but also managed to bond with the land spirits here directly and not just the ruling one in the local pond but the ones under it.

The surrounding land is still trying to destroy the town and the people in it but I’ve gotten a pass and am left in peace to deal with the other issues that come from the people here. You would have to find where the genius loci for that area is centered, usually over a ley line or nexus, and if it is corrupted from its proper state restore it and the lines or if that is its proper state and it is just angry then bargain with it and forge a bond and then move to doing the same with those spirits of your own land making peace with them if anything just for yourself and your family. No outside spirit can do this for you especially non elemental beings you have to do it yourself.

Now for the cats energy healing seems to work pretty good. Even just infusing them with pure vitality and working their aura with your hands.


Seems odd, we are the only ones who left the brush up for wildlife. The animals, birds, etc loved that. But now the brush is dying and the snow pretty much finished it. We live under a flight path from the airport and for over 1/2 a year I’ve seen large planes with massive lights sweeping the area nightly.

Could be 5g, genetic engineering to kill certain plants but it’s killing all, etc.

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I personally doubt the genetic engineering part. Perhaps the local ley line has been tainted which would do such things. Then again if the land spirits are angry enough that can cause some very drastic changes in them. Even if it is genetic engineering, that would likely taint the energy so cleansing those places would start reversing the process, and leave such engineering ineffective. Still reminds me of cases where in Feng Shui too much sha qi accumulates. Basically stagnant negative energy from bad spirits or spirits that have turned bad and it happens to the earth just like it happens to people and usually has blocked energy paths involved. Dowsing the local area with a pendulum could certainly help using a map or on foot. I would definitely start with any nearby water ways as a good candidate for carrying that energy.

Whatever the cause purifying and strengthening the local energy paths and power spots and befriending the spirits of the land itself and other elementals can likely do a lot of good. They are extremely different from angels or demons so keep that in mind too.


Perhaps biocontrol is a better word.

You would expect to see results over a far wider area. These things are notoriously ineffective past the short term. These measures also can be can be controlled once the energy flows are set right and treated like a virus in the body or even integrated. Can still fix it rather easy I feel once you locate the damaged areas and manage to heal them the rest should fall in line. Just as they might use their ‘science’ to try and change things so can we alter them on a much deeper and truer level that will keep things in balance.

Eh, neighbor offered to butcher the rest with a mower. Ma is going to take him up on the offer since it’s her land. I don’t care anymore either way.

scorched earth. May it burn to dust and everything die.

I don’t give a fuck anymore. I’d fucking kill any other world being now if they showed themselves. This is my rage and thus is how little I give a fuck about the crap beyond the veil and on this side.

It’s all shit.

Here forgot about this earlier but I am sure some of this can help your cats. My advice is if you aren’t going to try and make peace with the spirits there and get them on your side then to work to get you and your family out of there however possible. What I am doing just getting myself out of this state and letting it go back to those it really belongs too.

Ha! Flee like a pansy coward? Ha ha ha!

I think not. How pathetic do you think I am? I will face annihilation against ALL… and I will be alone. I don’t need any help from pathetic spirits. If they think I’ll be weaker dead then they’re in for a shitload of hurt.

Jesus, Satan, God, Lucifer, Greek, Celtic, tribal, Sumerian, Anunaki, Indian, Chinese, etc etc alien cosmic muffins. ALL FUCKING DEAD!!!

You see, loss just means I don’t have the pathetic baggage of family, friends, pets, things, ideals, moral based on civilization. It means I’m free to destroy or attempt to or be destroyed. Because it’s all lies and deception, smoke and mirrors by … weak, pathetic, narcissistic, megalomaniacal beings or egregore screamed by man.

And none of that or creation matters. None.

So I’ll stay where I am until dead. I ain’t not bitch weakling coward to fucking wisps of ideas and flaky spirits who can’t even fucking manifest in the flesh.

Everspirits are weak pieces of shit.

Always have been… ALWAYS WILL BE.

Yet they seem to be doing a fine job of kicking your ass right now but thats besides the point. The ones in question are embodiments of nature. It is not cowardice to flee before the eruption of a volcano or the fury of a wildfire and this would be quite comparable to that but you do you I have offered my advice for what it is worth you are free to act as you see fit.


Damn, he needs to be put to sleep unless you have the ability to provide quality palliative care. No animal should have to suffer just because their human won’t let go.

Pit bulls are stoic animals so if he’s showing pain, it must be really bad.

You seem to be surrounded by very old animals and very few resources. That’s situational problem, not an existential one, though it probably feels like it.

Animals have shorter lifespans than humans and there does come a point where letting go is the only right thing to do for them. I’ve been there so many times, and it absolutely sucks, but refusing to let go humanely and instead, making their last days full of pain and fear, and eventually, despair as they realise their functions are failing and they’re not bouncing back when something goes wrong, is cruelty, and I cannot condone it.

Your cat, it’s hard to know what will work right away, do you have a padded collar and ability to keep her SAFELY indoors so she doesn’t lick herself? Padded collars beat the old tube/funnel kind, but you can’t let a pet outside with one because they could get stuck and strangle themselves.

And you do realise that when people surround themselves with animals, especially ones in need of rescuing, it’s (also) really about something within themselves they’re trying to fix, right?

I speak as someone who actually does that and realised the hard way, from the inside out, that I was (also) trying to find permission to fix myself. The animals matter a lot to me but there is a reason we seek out certain emotions and experience patterns over and over again, and it’s because of something in ourselves.

Sometimes, that thing even manifests into the animals, who are little furry saints who take on our pain and our problems to show them to us. EFT (tapping) may help a lot here because I think there’s a link.

So, are you actually going to try and fix her, or wallow in self-pity? I ask without judgement, it’s your right to feel bad about life handing you a plate of crap, but it’ll just get worse, there’s no safety cut-out and no referee.

So you better make sure you like it because there are multitudes of dimensions below this one you can fall down through, that will make the pain you have here seem like a gentle spring breeze.

Past a certain point of reaction, you are making a choice to stay with this outlook, and you need to be sure that choice is taking you into the deeper levels of misery you will earn if you keep going.


As a person that works heavily within necromancy, and somebody who is heavily influenced by the ways of death, I highly recommend that you let your animals go. To allow something to die is to love it enough to allow it suffering to end.

As a necromancer, I will tell you that the spirits of the Dead are heavily influenced by the way that they lived. And in their next life, should your Pitbull decide to come back as another pitbull, it will carry those scars of how he died last time. Or if it decides to come back as a human, it will remember this.

Let them go.

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The animals choose when to go on their own. I do not do anything but give them the affection they deserve. They have wills to live. They still have light in their eyes and aren’t that far gone. Even chance at his worse would still crawl up to me after his hind legs went out. When he chose to die he crawled off and it was quick I’m told (I was banished from the property at the time last year). Fuzzy, died in my arms but he had quite eating and drinking when his time was up. I’m sure they had suffered but their will to live was strong. I find it odd (as I’ve had animals die in my arms before) that they get scared and try to run even though they’re virtually unconscious.

Whatever death is they are terrified of it when it comes. It’s not this all fluffy love light people blather about via NDE. It’s a finality or something preys upon their little souls.

I had a dream once, the animals on the other side were all in cages. Again, I’m not fond of everspirits if that’s what they do to the living spirits.

As to the land hating me? Why? When all other butchered their land for pastures or housing I left it virgin for the animals. I only made a few small trails in the invasive brush. The birds had homes, the bees, the deer walked the trails, the owls, the bats, the rodents… each year something new.

And then in the next few years drought across the West & Canada, more tech flying everywhere. Things started to die. Several ice storms when I was away but this year a feb winter storm that hit the west coast not just my Ma’s little plot came.

I find it hard to believe the land would take its vengeance on me and not the mega rich neighbors destroying the nature in lieu of walls, massive lights, pools, golf course, personal baseball diamonds, and field to just go muddin’ In their custom gargantuan trucks.

And if so, then where too? The entire earth is covered in human filth and the waste. The planet is filled. Consumerism has destroyed the evologies and civilization is the blame.

I hate change. I am a routine person. I’d probably be suited for assembly line work, but there are machines now. Paperwork, credit scores, college, youth indoctrinated in liberal sociology is what’s wanted in the workforce… SHEEPLES to be simply put.

Perhaps my Ma loves animals too much and takes in too many that others would throw away. And shed NEVER murder them just because they are ill.

I have nursed many of our animals with terminal illnesses and they reach a point where the people who know them and love them can see they’re ready to go, and at that point their only fear is being left to die of the consequences of the illness, from hunger, thirst, painful organ failure, etc.

Organ failure can cause crushing headaches because the blood chemistry changes, as well as creating vertigo, nausea, visual disturbances, ringing in the ears, flu-like joint pains, and more, so the symptoms escalate and affect quality of life in so many ways.

Once palliative care (which costs a fucking fortune) is no longer effective you have to let go, not leave them to crawl around on 2 legs or die of thirst, whimpering in pain.

When they’ve been ill for a while and are ready to go, they’ll usually spend a short time being more affectionate than usual, maybe a few hours or a few days, then head pointedly for their main bed and try to remain in it, most know on some level a peaceful death is within the gift of the superbeing that gave them everything else in their lives. It is your duty to give them that, with a reputable vet called out to put them to sleep.

I question why you allow your own religious/philosophical dogma (belief adhered to in the absence of experiential research) cause innocent animals die like this. Death is NOT the end, but you’re too wrapped up in your own angst and negativity to ever reach a point of being able to meaningfully communicate with the dead.

I speak to them all the fucking time and reading you saying this is as farcical to me as denying Australia exists just because you haven’t been there.

As for your cat, post the ingredients in the shampoo, maybe some of us can discovered what it’s caused for the cat and how to undo the damage.

You have a right to your own psychodrama, but you have NO right to make an innocent and helpless animal suffer just to affirm your shitty view on life.


My ma stupidly threw it away but I imagine it was some otc crap most stores sell.

I will never be able to communicate and I don’t really care. Let the dead be dead for they are not alive. I don’t care what the dead think or believe.

They are not mine. They are my parents. I only dwell here. What part of owning no land do you people not understand. I’m only permitted to dwell here. The cats I caretake for simply live here and I flipped the bill to have them fixed.

The next time people talk of ending the suffering… do it yourself not let another do it. Do it with your own hands. I HAVE had to do that to a dog because of its cancer, couldn’t walk, couldn’t see, moaned in pain. I had no tools nothing. I had to snap her neck and suffocate her. Oh yeah, it ended her suffering. Poor Raven but I HAD TO DO IT!.

Poor goat are bad feed was in fits of pain and rolling around like epileptic seizures. Only an antique gun and 1 bullet. I put it through her head. Again I DID THAT!

A whole flock of turkeys I raised. Babies that trusted me. Got maggot rot that was eating them alive. And some chickens. I had to take the only tools I had, brush loppers, and I cut each and every head off.

Again… I DID THAT!!!

Not some vet so I could feel s little better. You people go and try to say it’s humane but in the end you end their lives. Now, I see you magi, spiritualists, and whatever the fuck you want to call yourselves really are full of delusional bullshit.

You can’t even divine my situation correctly nor read the animal on this plot. You’re ALL so full of crap and caught up in fantasy FAKE crap. Buying tomes and bs like every other consumer for woo woo that can be neither proven nor unproven except by the fact


They may be delusional and/or deceitful. I have not seen nor has any “everbeings” proven. If they do exist they are cowards and weak being unable to manifest.

You are all fucking tools and tools and full of bullshit. Lies and deceitful crap in The new age of deceit and treachery. You’re almost as bad as every cosmogony, theological perspective, as the core religions. Almost as you haven’t slaughtered millions to spread. But still, delusional in what is and deceitful to sell product.


Vets have humane methods, not suffocating and snapping necks. You are not morally superior or somehow more real for having done this.

I am done talking about this type of topic with you since your attitude is your master, it owns you, and is blinding you to pretty much every possibility that exists


Whoah, whoah, whoah… Take a deep breath, simmer down and get your facilities about you.

I don’t think blowing up at us is going to be helpful. All they are showing is concern for your animals, any decent individual would.

But please come down from your rage and try to look at this with a clear mind.

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I mean havn’t people known about Oregon (where you live) for a long time. There is that infamous (and frankly awful book) called “Sometimes a Great Notion” It made Oregon sound particularly bad, cause the book was about lumberjacks in Oregon. I know you are out there because of family. But seriously I have to wonder about why people would live there.
As for animals, they get old, and eventually die, you know. I had a cat who I really love. She was my familiar and everything, eventually, she got lymphoma. She was on prednisolone for a couple years, and then she started getting seizures (I did get her anti-seizure medicine, but the vet pretty much said it wouldn’t be long regardless, but I wasn’t ready to put her down. She died within a couple weeks of that but she was still eating and drinking right up to the end, but like the last day she really slowed down. She did live to be 18, I guess that is pretty good for a cat. Sometimes I still dream about her, like she is still alive.
I have another cat now, she is a great mouser and protects my property. I couldn’t even wait for my old cat to die to get the new one because I worried about being “catless” and how that would effect me.

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Exactly. The animal has to be pretty bad and vets are expensive just to put the animal down. Here I believe since only vet in town is at least $100. But it’s not just the money, you take animal family Way from safe home to a stressful vet environment. Each time the took the animal locked in a cage and ended their life where we weren’t there.

Alone, frightened, in a cage, by a stranger. Real fucking humane. My ma holds the dying animal and pets them and tells them it’s ok to go if they want.

I had two of my cats did in my arms. The dog I had no choice as my sister stupidly put a bag on the cancer ridden Raven. And it was a failed stupid attempt as she was gagging and thrashing. I had no choice but to end it quickly.

But go ahead say I’m just some farm monster with a dark brutal heart to animals.

Some fucking psychic mages with adept scrying powers. You can’t see shit and are damn liars since you can’t discern my environment.

Yeah, that’s why I now know this magic spirit shit is a lie. Ah well. At least science still exists.

This thread…

Or, we have better things to do? I am only keeping this open in hopes someone can help with your cat’s bad reaction to shampoo.

And I;m trying to cut you some slack for being upset but the insults are really pushing the boundaries, people ARE actually trying to be helpful, we all have better things to do with our day than just beatup on you for no reason.

If this comes up again for your family, ring the vet, you say “I want my pet euthenised and I want to hold them while you do it, otherwise I will be upset.”

They may be dense enough not to understand the animal needs you there (sadly my family have had experience with bad vets) but you have to insist on your own behalf, that’s harder to argue with.

Most vets have an exam table/platform, you wrap them in their favourite bedding and some of your worn clothes that smell of you, and bring them in so they’re surrounded by their own things.

Vets are a service industry but sometimes they forget that, and some do treat animals as furry cash machines, you have to set boundaries sometimes.

It costs a lot more than $100 to get a callout euthenasia in England, but it’s worth it.