Pets and rituals

Forgive me if this has been posted before, but I brought in a stray cat into my home. I don’t perform complicated rituals, just simple proven spells that work for me more than not. Does another warm blooded creature, in the room where I do my work, affect my work? It may sound silly, but I would like to know what y’all have to say. Thanks.


It affects where my attention is directed sometimes.

I’ve been known to go from mid chant to ATROPOS GET DOWN NOW. :woman_shrugging:

Halfway through a word of power to ATROPOS LEAVE THAT ALONE and banging on the table, or stomping my foot. :woman_shrugging: She’s an ornery kitten almost cat- I’m always bitching about her in the lounge. In fact the latest distraction is pulling the blankets I covered my new leather futon with off, so she can lay on the cool surface. I wouldn’t care, except I’ve caught her trying to scratch it numerous times, so I’m constantly yelling mid ritual at her for dragging the big assed blanket I covered it with away…

Otherwise no, I’ve done rituals with dogs and cats both in the room and haven’t seen any adverse effects. Usually the pet calms down and lays near me. This one just gets a wild hair up her ass a few nights every week.


Thanks for the reply.

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It shouldn’t have an effect no. With simpler rituals, it’s not too uncommon for people to do them with other people, let alone pets, in their company without any issues. I’ve probably done a ritual with a pet in my room a few times too, but I wouldn’t stress about it at all.


Cats empower your rituals. Let them freely move around you and empower your aura. It’s like a group of witches working together so you might be than as powerful as an old solitary witch with lots of years of magic experience.

I find it funny that cats love to sleep on the altar :rofl:


Before setting up for ritual (sorry altar looks like a mess, pre cleaning / setting up)
She joins me no prob. :heart_eyes_cat: Most of the time…
She likes hanging out on the altar between rituals too, like whenever, all the time…
Occasionally she gets very vocal and distracting, in which case I just put her in the adjoining room (my bedroom) temporarily until I’m done. (I also decked it out with a cat tree, cat water fountain, food, toys, potty, play some “relaxing cat music” thing from YouTube…yes I’m a crazy cat lady…so it’s not exactly a “punishment” she’s usually fast asleep by the next time I check on her)


I’m sorry, but your cat just looks too adorable sitting on your altar in the picture :heart_eyes_cat:


She’s very photogenic too❤️ I remember when I adopted her, the shelter warned me that due to frostbite complications, her ears had fallen off (apparently a deal breaker for another prospective adopter😿) but I think it makes her look kinda like a teddy bear😻
She came to me at the right time in my life and I love her. Sometimes she’ll howl at unwelcome presences too in a different room, which is a nice perk.


I already lurv her :heart:

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