Pets and Gods

How do your pets like to be handled, and by who?

My mainecoone loves the clarity of petting that comes with the clearest love such as St. Francis, Lucifer, YHWH, Artemis…


He also seems to attract the names of Odin and Thor…


As far as I know my pets haven’t been interacted with at all. However they’ve been much more interested in me since I started.


My kitty likes to curl up when ever I work with qliphotic energies, that and he seems fond of Tiamat’s energy :slight_smile: . Only negative reaction I got from him was with Ahriman for some reason.

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Interesting, I was just listening to a song about Ahriman while snuggling me kitty… I can see the diffraction…


I find that cats are like little furry magicians in that they seem to be able to sense and see energy quite well, they could be like people in that sense and have a certain affinity towards certain spirits


I’ve very recently noticed that my kitty is just as cuddly with me or with Belial who seems quite happy by this. I never took him as a cat lover?


I had a cat for three years named Belial… He was a beautiful black cat that I had from 8 weeks of age to 3 years… He was named Belial because as I read a list of possible names out loud, he ran over when I said Belial…


I’ve always been a rigorous teacher and stepmother. I have laid down strict rules, and handle my little Doggo-son hard, but with clear and unconditional love. I punished him and rewarded him as well.

He trust in me and feels completely safe himself with me. I taught him commands, but he quickly learned how to read from my eyes, posture and my energies. So after a point, we did not really need any words. Evolving our abilities (physycally and mentally/cooperating) was an instant goal for us.

  • Why do they want you to put these chains on me, Momma?
  • Because their fear about you will eat them.
  • Well, not today.


My ma’s cat is named Lightning. We’ve had a flea infestation and one day she put some pet shampoo on her and washed her. Now she’s missing hair and scratching to scans. We’re out in the boonies since no vehicles so she can’t go to vet. I really question my ma’s Logic at times using old products. I would have bought something pet friendly (which I have now and am still trying to get the special food from DinoVite).

Her body is riddled with scabs and looks like a wasted alley cat. If I can’t stop this scratching and cure the wounds then I know the result…

I’ll be digging yet another cat grave.

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That’s AWFUL, why not make a topic asking for help with healing her?

Maybe there is some simple treatment that will help with this, that someone will be able to find from soul travel or whatever.

PM me at the weekend if you haven’t got any help, if I have time i will see what I can do, but in the meantime make a post.


Saaaaame. People have pointed out that its weird their shy animals follow me around :joy:. Always have an army of cats in front of me

I’d be more then happy to help, one of my dogs get a similar problem because of a flea allergy.

I don’t if it will be within form rules but will refer a product from a company I use that works well.


Yes, that’s fine, it;s only spamming one’s own shop for magick stuff or getting too much into promoting other magick goods/services companies etc that’s a problem. Recommending a product for pets is not on the radar for that. :+1:

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Ok, awsome! :+1:

Well I did send him a PM, but just incase it could be helpful to anyone else, now or in the future.

The product I use is called Animal Scents Ointment from the company Young Living Oils.

It’s from thier pets line. 100% animal and environmentally friendly.

I do know a distributor so if anyone has any questions I can easily find out anything you would like to know. Os just PM me, I dont want to clog up the threads and to be respectful of the OP.