Petiton with Sallos... Fingers crossed it works!

I figured I’d start with the basics and went back to making petitions. I made a petition with Sallos but this time, it was different from anything else I had experienced. I meditated on the sigil for a few minutes. My vision started going blurry, but the sigil actually started glowing this time! It wasn’t anything extreme, but the sigil had a light blue, maybe just clear ring around it. I also got a slight headache right after I was finished. I’ve been feeling like pure shit the past few days, but now that I’m done, I somehow feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

My one doubt right now is that Sallos may need longer than the time frame I set, and I won’t know that he needs longer because I can’t hear him just yet.

Fingers still crossed he comes through for me!!

If anyone has some type of divination experience and is willing to do a reading to let me know if he accepted my request and if the set time frame is okay, please don’t hesitiate to pm me!


That’s a confirmed contact

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So he was here. How will I know if he accepted to complete my request or if he’ll need more time?

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Let Duke Sallos take the wheel

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Hi there,

I did something similar but Im actually not sure if I did it right. I appreciate if anyone could give me some guidance.

Had a similar experience to Destiny_McKoy. I read through quite a bit and did this. I lighted a red candle (not sure if its necessary), draw the sigil of Sallos on a paper, and used to the steps of EA Koetting, like gazing at the sigil. I wrote a petition beside it stating my request.
As I gaze, I saw some light blue light flowing upwards on the sigil, but it didnt become like 3D like, like mentioned by EA Koetting.
I left the sigil and petition aside for a while and burn it after a while. Did I did this wrong? Did I manage to contact Sallos?

I honestly don’t know, as I can’t hear him right now. You just have to believe that he heard you and if you decide you want to take it a step further, get someone to do a divination reading for you and they cna ask Sallos if he heard you and accepted to complete your request.