Petitions used on other practitioners

many do think following the LHP is some special snowflake thing but tbh no, a petition spell can influence a practitioner of any path. However, with seeking external help there’s many factors to take in such as their relation to the entity, your own, the practitioner’s protection, etc.

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I wouldn’t believe that they have only worked with two beings if I considered them to be good. I would assume they have their hands on many more pots than they have spoken about, and once again go above and beyond the goetia. I realize this forum is filled people who mostly work with demons or angels, but I’d look a lot deeper than that If it were myself.

Good luck :slight_smile: looks like you have plenty of sound advice here.

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do magickal protection spells for self and invalidate their magick before casting on them. To be on the safe side if you want to curse another magician. U got to have a good reason to do so cuz if they know u attack them, it can become ugly. risk vs reward. use realistic common sense.

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By this do you mean Gods? Or your own Godself? What is “deeper”, in your opinion?

You actually don’t need a “good reason” you just need to be able to carry it through and not wimp out half way through.

What do you mean by “carrying through”?

The reason will empower his magick. IF he’s just doing it for fun, then we don’t know what might happen. lol Stupid reason is not good risk vs reward. pros and cons of attacking another magician

Basically if you feel like you want to curse someone you have to be certain and capable of start to finish and not stopping midway.

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Gods, ancient spirits, other pantheons, alchemy, energy work with or without spirits. The options are limitless if you put aside the demons a minute.