Petitions used on other practitioners

Hey guys,
I have been lurking for a bit and seen a great deal of success regarding evocations influencing other people, most commonly in regards to love.
My question is, if one petitions a demon to influence someone, does it matter if they too follow the lhp? Or if they previously had any interactions with demons, specifically the one the petition is for?
Is there a chance of everything backfiring if the demon has had a good relationship with the “target”?

No. Most of the time, the people occultists target usually have nothing to do with magick themselves.

If you target another magician, yes, it has been known to happen.

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I see. How would one make sure that any type of reversal never takes place? What precautions should be taken? Is it common or mostly a rarity?

It’s a rarity and not really something to worry about, unless you are purposely targeting another magician.

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Indeed I am. Not because theyre another magician though, that part is mostly coincidence, probably.

As a general rule, I would tell you to not pick fights with another occultist.

And if you try a love spell or anything in another occultist, I don’t know how X or Y would see it, but I (me, myself, subjective) would see it as an act of war.

Just my 2 cents.


Do you know what kind of magick the target works with? If you don’t, then all you can do is pick an appropriate spirit and hope.

However, just because someone works with a spirit, doesn’t mean that spirit won’t attack them. It would depend on the depth of the relationship, and that is something you can’t really know, though you could try to divine it.

Im not entirely sure, though they do tell me about past relationships with Surgat and Gabriel, which is what brought this question to mind. I plan on using neither of them, and picked dukes Sallos and Dantalion instead, who I can be reasonably certain that they have never worked with.

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I think it depends a lot on the spirit too. The beings of the Goetia, for example, seem to be fairly loyal to those they work closely with, but a death god would probably attack just for shits and giggles regardless of their relationship with the target.

That makes a lot of sense, honestly. Thank you very much for answering all my questions.

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You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

One thing to also keep in mind, if you are going to use the spirits of the Goetia, is that they are all under the authority of Lucifer in that hierarchy, so if the target has any sort of relationship with the Light Bringer, there is a possibility that he may intervene on their behalf.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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If the other person is a learned magician it likely will backfire

Theyre honestly pretty dang good, thats why I chose to pick demons to help me out. I am hoping that if they never worked with the demons that I picked, it would work just the same. Am I wrong?

Well to this I would ask, are they more advanced then you? If they are then you may just want to move along to target more your “size”.

Tbh, your line of questioning seems like you are unsure of the proper course of action because of fear. And because of this you seem like you may be out of your league. I am just saying this so that you may reconsider doing work against this person.

I never have fear when conducting baneful works. And if I do feel fear then it’s probably because I subconsciously know that the results will backfire.

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If I work with demon number 36 and so do you of the goetia , it can come down to factors like who knows how to use it better etc , also we have predetermined fates , so there’s only so much destruction a curse can do depending , we may also think about when Fidel Castro of Cuba seized power , he used guerilla tactics and had significantly less man power , also , if you decide you want to shoot a man , for all you know he could have rocket launchers and heavy machine guns and all you might have is a pistol , however if you shoot him at the right moment it doesn’t matter how much fire power he has , so it is wise to be humble and plan carefully

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They are leagues above me in terms of practice and past accomplishments.
I am indeed a little bit nervous as I would rather avoid any backfiring if possible, hence asking for help from demons instead of relying on power from within. Then again, I tend to be overly cautious about every aspect aspect of my life, often to the point of general inaction, which is a trend I would very much like to break, but that is a different story.

If that is the case, demons would likely not be my first choice. Go above and beyond.


I couldn’t agree more. I never worry about demons attacking me because I go higher and call fourth Angelic protection.

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That does make sense. Afaik, they only ever worked with Surgat and Gabriel, so that part should not be a problem. But you are right, some basic strategy at the very least sounds warranted.

As many have warned you and will probably continue to in this thread, tangling with another magician can get ugly.

If a well known entry is a patron of your target they’ll often happily disclose the conflict of interest. If they’re not happy to, they can be made to by more binding evocation if you’re paranoid enough (I damn sure am) to need to double-check.

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