Petitions denied?

Hi everyone,

I recently made a petition to Leraje, Dantalion and Foras for some layered love work. I don’t currently have contact with the target so I won’t know whether it’s working/worked until they contact me. However, during the rituals I didn’t necessarily feel a presence with all 3 so I was wondering if there’s anyone here who could make contact on my behalf to confirm that my petitions were heard and offerings accepted?

Thank you

Sorry, we are not a messaging service.

You won’t necessarily feel anything form them. Just assume they were there.


I didn’t imply that this was a messaging service. It was a polite question. If you can’t or don’t wish to assist; state so without being a sarcastic douche. Highly unnecessary. Don’t let your badges and “regular” status go to your head. I asked a question in the event that someone was able or willing to assist. You personally may not be, but I didn’t realize you were the spokesperson for every member here on the forum. I missed that part.

Thats unnecessary and rude.
DarkestKnight just pointed out something that a lot of newer members don’t understand. Keep it civil,please. Thank you


I wasn’t being a “sarcastic douche.” I was being serious.

We get asked to “contact so and so for me to see if my petition/spell/offerings were accepted” pretty much every day. You have been around long enough to know that we don’t do that;

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I asked if anyone was willing. If you are— great! If not then also great. At no point did I imply or treat it as a messaging service. I also don’t frequent the forum enough to know that it wasn’t allowed to ask. Your comment was sarcastic. I didn’t appreciate it and called you on it. End of.
Have a great day.

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I was plenty civil, thanks.

And there’s no need fo language like that, thank you.

With insults. Please refresh yourself on our rules: BALG RULES - Please read them!

The ONLY way we can run a community where people’s worldviews and experiences differ so widely is to insist upon courtesy, otherwise it becomes a free-for-all of whose ideas are the best, and who can shout others down the longest, and most viciously.


I was just digging around in the account settings to find a way to deactivate/delete my account. Not sure if I’m overlooking something or if it’s because I’m on a mobile device. I saw something in the rules you posted that implied that you can delete accounts though, so please go ahead and do that, or let me know how to go about it. Thanks.

Happy to do so.

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Instead of asking another magician to contact a deity you can ask for a sign. Use divination and knowledge, ask for a sign when the ritual is completed, that way you will know if your casting was succesful.

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Member has taken ball, and quit the playing field. :man_shrugging:

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Wow, that was fast. Oh well…

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