Petitioning Vine/Maahes, advice?

Hi all, I’ve been wanting to write a petition to Vine asking for his assistance in tearing down my targets ‘stonewalls’ and guards. I don’t feel I’m experienced enough for evocation and I saw a post that petitioning can work just fine; so it feels like a good place to start. I don’t want to go into this blind, this will be my first time working with an entity of this sort. I’ve been doing as much research as possible and I’ve seen things about him being the most tricky and ripping souls out without permission… I’ve also ready about using divine names to compel the demon? I don’t want to offend or anger him. Should I use divine names in my petition? Does anyone have any experience working with him they’d be so kind to share? I’ve thought long and hard about this, and I feel this is the right step for my goal, I just like to know as much as possible before I do anything. Any advice or insight on this is greatly appreciated.

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I have some experience with Vine and he can change sides quickly, what you’ve read are metaphors with some accuracy. As whoever you are trying to break down could gain insights into your attack from Vine and gain foreknowkedge and than attack you.

I would advise some caution especially for bane. Using divine names as a ward would be of no use.

I have no idea what your petition casting is specifically for otherwise i would reccomend another deity for attack.


My target is not into magick at all, still think there’s a risk of switching sides? But very much Christian. I want him to be defenseless so that I can take everything he has and leave him abandoned and hopeless. I don’t want him to die, but I want him to want to die. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks for the reply!

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Here you may find anything related to Vine.

However be sure that any spirits or Deity may change sides not because they are tricky - some are but they have their own reason, - otherwise, they are mostly reliable - at least compared to humans. But all depends on your case and reason to harm, your higher self knows when you shouldn’t interfere. So please think twice, every story has two sides and sometimes looking ahead is far better. You don’t know what lies ahead. If he deserves, even your most simple curse will do.

Anyway, I will suggest S Connoly’s book on Curses but read every part of it at least once or preferably twice, I mean please chew it to the bone before acting. - That is really important-, only then you’d find the most effective and secure answer; hence the best for you.


If your target has no magical experience or defense it makes the hex all the more potent. But, before i would proceed with a destructive casting i would do a serious devination and see what my patron spirit would say or in this case Vine and with some foreknowledge see what potential outcomes may arise.

Being able to see into the future can save much time and trouble as the target may retaliate once he finds out that it is you that have caused all these miseries and come after you.

I would recommend Asmodeus as Vine might not be a good fit. However, that is for you to decide, conduct your own research and do some devination and see what you can come up with.

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