Petitioning entities


I’m listing these names because I have took time to read through some of the forums and figured out my goal of what I wish to do.

I won’t go into too much details , but my plan is to split a couple up and I wish to target different points to permanently seperate them…

I wish to cause communication issues, loss of feelings and attachment , conflict, fear, war, you name it.

I know that these entities all fall into the category to get the job done but do any of you recommend me using a specific one for a specific goal?

For Example : me sending one to cause communication issues on one day and two days later sending another to cause distance and conflict.

I plan to follow the petition tutorial that’s somewhere on the forums step by step and burn the papers after charging and focusing my intent into them.

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Generally, yes, if I feel they are better suited towards a particular part of it. Sometimes, I have one in mind and another shows up to help them for one reason or another. I’ll let them decide how that works and the one I called on is in charge.

But, really, all you have to do is petition them, give them the goals, ask them to work together, and let them do their thing.


I get your point on using several of them, layered approach. Is the way I’m going about my works too, but by experience I didn’t need it.

On my case the first step was to get rid of someone (a third party, so was a breakup too, a bit more complicated as it involved other things).

I was planning Leraje, Asmodeus, thought about Andras, Raum, some rituals with Angels… you name it. I read a post of someone that had a relationship with Leraje and apparently what she told him was “always call me first”.

So I petition her, and then moved on with other stuff as I was busy. My idea was still to layer more magick against them, I was planning to call others but it just got a bit delayed.

Well, I didn’t need to do anything else, Leraje alone was AMAZING. And mind you, I had no idea how any demon would go about this, as all odds were against me, I was running out of time to block them from being together.

I don’t have any detail of what happened, I just know she’s out of the picture. So I’d give Marquis Leraje a try, she was awesome.

The way I see it is this: Sometimes is not your job to plan how each and every step will happen. I couldn’t have devised how this was about to happen, even if I had ideas in mind. Sometimes is better to go to the end, and let the demons work out how that will happen. They’ll probably see patterns that we don’t, and will capitalize on the chances they get to bring you the end result. Good luck!


Gotcha thank you for this, is there a specific way to say the name Marquis Leraje? Because I heard leh-ray was one


Thank you kindly

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That’s the way that I heard too. But because the names of almost all demons and angels are pronounced exactly as I would read them on my mother tongue, being Leraje an exception, I don’t remember if back when I evoked her I pronounced it that way or other.

The authors from GoM don’t tend to give extreme importance to the way we pronounce things; and maybe you could be open during evokation to any suggestion that Leraje may make. I felt it was feminine, for example, and other people told me is masculine. I don’t think is an exact science, all I can say is that she was amazing, so best of luck!


Hey thank you!, I actually went ahead and pronounced it as it’s written and later got confirmation through divination, a simple “yes” that my request was accepted. I can’t wait to see results, I will keep you updated


Amazing!! The divination was a great solution I think.

Please do! :blush:

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Great to hear virgospirit!!!

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