Petitioning Allah

Has anyone ever petitioned allah and if so what’s the success rate.

petitioned ? you just have to pray to him :grin:

he is the god of the abrahamic religions and goes by many names such as: G-d, EL, Sabbaoth JHWH, Allah, Jesus, Anu (the sumerian sky god, considered father of the gods and ruler of the heavens) aka the one who tried to destroy / enslave / humanity and hijack its technological and spiritual progress


I actually been wondering a rly damn long time
Who anu would be in other pantheons or if he has a mask anywhere else except his sumerian.

Enki= Lucifer is what i very very certain of but i actually thought Enlil =Yahweh and not Anu=Yahwwh,Allah etc…

Can someone explain it to me to be frank
Who anu and enlils masks are ?

I don’t know if they have any, as those might be their original names. We don’t have a lot of records earlier than Sumerian, and those are Sumerian. If they have Atlantean names as possible refugees from that disaster, they have been long forgotten, but most people seem to side with the idea that they were ET in origin and not human at all.

I think it’s a mistake to try to play matchy matchy across cultures, the names make sense in context and each culture embellishes the stories and drops parts until you have no idea what’s real and what’s garbled nonsense. It’s not worth the effort unless you’re going full anthropologist on the history, which is fascinating but not very relevant to a magickal practice.

Look up folks like Laird Scranton and Freddy Silva for more on the relationships between the same deities or “shining ones” found all over the world by different names. It’s pretty cool. YOu can find interviews on yt and, and they’ve written a few books like this one. Anu, Eki and Enlil are mentioned in these.


Jesus is entirely different though? He was a human being, flesh and blood.

just like some goetia demons have 3 faces (aspects) *Baal, Asmodeus… so has Anu (JHWH) (father, son, holy ghost) (John 10:30 I and the Father are one.)

they are all Annunaki … very advanced beings

some are rebels (the resistance *called demons) and some are …well angels, archangels

and to my knowledge, the rebels love humanity… the others hate it… it’s exactly the opposite of what they teach you in Sunday school

so one of his aspects came down as a mortal man to further enslave humanity and block its spiritual advancement through his anti-life teachings…hence he brought the gruesome medieval dark ages (witches burned , horrendous torture devices, crusades, inquisition, religious wars)

do I have to mention more?

he wants us stupid, trapped, enslaved to technology, spiritualy blinded and perpetually reincarnated here

we as humanity are a threat to him and the Annunaki people, because we possess their DNA… according to history we should have all died in the flood, but he found a better way to keep us under his control (through his “chosen people” who control the whole earth, xtianity and islam)

when you read the bible, coran, praise the biblical prophets, pray to God, Jesus, Allah and so on, you are just giving him more energy… that’s why religious people always look so sad and miserable, even though they hide it with their fake smiles… they’re so frustrated and drained :slight_smile:

The Bible is the best-selling book of all time, *having sold around 5 billion copies to date. Wonder why?


I’m sorry this is sheer nonsense.

Please note, attacking groups of people and making sweeping statements about them is against the rules of this forum. This includes Christians.

You are free to talk about your personal experience, I myself happing say I’m allergic to religion, that’s my choice: but at the same time I’ve known plenty of very happy religious people, and a lot of them are in occult forums practicing non JCI religions, paganism, buddhism, taoism, etc and homegrown devotional practices.

Each to their own. Please don’t be hateful about random other people you haven’t even met. Many of them are here reading your posts, so just be mindful of your audience. Here on BALG we can agree to disagree and get along. :slight_smile:

I will remove any further posts making unfounded and bigoted claims about entire groups of people no matter who the targeted group is.

I have lots of experience petitioning Allah.

Clean the room you are going to pray in. Do so slowly. Clear tour mind with every sweep of the broom.

Make wudhu, and do so in a very sincere manner. REALLY desire to be clean to speak with your lord. Meditation can be very helpful beforehand.

As you make wudhu, clear your mind with every brush of water, swush in the mouth, cleanin c of yhe nose, etc.

By the end of wudhu, your mind should be clear.

Then you enter the prayer room.

When you pray, do so slowly, like you’re having a conversation with a parent of your lover.

You wouldn’t rush the love of your lover, right? Don’t rush this either . BE SINCERE ABOUT YOUR PRyer.

You have to be sincere and enthusiastic with what you desire, and mention it at the end of the prayer, after guving your angels “the greetings”.

I would suggest praying a lot to allah.
He almost always comes through for me.
Only time he didn’t was when i asked for the dinosaurs to come back. Multiple years in s row.


sorry man, got carried away… my bad, peace :slightly_smiling_face: