Petitioning a spirit to bestow something upon you?

Has anyone have any experience with this

It doesn’t have to be petitioning exactly
I’m more interested in how does the whole “bestowing” thing work in general from bestowing gifts/ability’s or knowledge of some kind

Any input is welcomed thx

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Hello Lildrew67,

You are talking about a pact. What spirit are you looking to pact with?


I wasn’t referring to a pact I was questioning about how spirits basically “bestow” / give you something such as intelligence or a skill of some sort.

For example I ask for a spirit to bestow upon me the gift of clear sight or something
I ask a spirit to bestow the knowledge of a subject or something

That could equally come under the banner of petition, pact, or invocation. (Or, I suppose, ‘possession’.) So you could do any of those three/four if you wished. As far as how it works, it depends what you ask for. If you want money, either petition an entity or invoke the abstract of wealth. If you want to, idk, turn into a bodybuilder, then invoke Mars/Ares and you should notice the influence building in how you act and think and carry yourself.

Only similar-ish thing I’ve done personally is asking Asmodai to increase my skill at certain things. Petition. Worked well. I also listen to his enn when I’m doing some task I want to be better at.

Are you referring to how/ what way they’re able to bestow/ give you said knowledge, etc…?

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Yes exactly

Lol… I was wondering the same thing. Perhaps a feeling or nudge to do something in your mind’s eye. Let’s say for ridding oneself of destructive/ bad habits; become disgusted all of sudden by the very thought of it. Idk hopefully we can get folks on the forum to give more input. You’re alone in this type of thinking tho

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I worked with Sitri for a lustful aura

Its depends on what you mean by bestowing, and in what form you want the gifts to be.
Petitions can be enough.
Example 1:
Thank you Duchess Gremory for aiding me in receiving money and other associate gifts you bestowed upon me.
Example 2:
Thank you Knight Furcas for helping me to open up my psychic ability, and any other gift you may bestow upon me.
Example 3:
Thank you King Belial for bestowing upon me dignities and power to ascend up the ranks in my workplace.

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Is This is not clear on what exactly I’m trying to say?

For example u ask a spirit to bestow upon you the ability to see spirits or something it’s not like asking a spirit to aid/help the spirit is gifting your a permanent ability or something of the such

Not helping but giving

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So from what I know, its not difficult for them to give you a gift or permanent ability’ its just hard for us to KEEP it; because most people’s astrals are entrapped at different beaucracy’s that do routine extractions of demonic gifts/powers/entities and such so its hard to keep a gift unless your astral body is freed from enslavement and contracts of those reincarnation beauocracies. But you never know- Since youre pretty good at the dreaming stuff, id say while lucid dreaming summon the gate to the infernal world, or summon lucifer and ask him for the permanent gift of the Sight of the spirits that sees all. Recently found a cool spell for that goes like this:

“In accordance with the covanent of old,
to repay the kindness my ancestors showed to your dear friends,
I request the sight,
the sight of the spirits that sees all,
the Halcyon eye which sees all of creation.”

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Ohh I love this thanks

Also I’m not fluent enough to summon an entity in my dream but I will try this in a petition with demons of magick and see how it works out

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Hey you know of any methods to bypass the whole astral enslavement or any recommended books to research further into that whole situation

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Learning to shapeshift your astral body into an animal or anything really, is a good step. Once you shapeshift into something thats non-human then the powers and gods/forces that guide that particular species can help a person break out, and its harder to track you if you take another non-human form. The only books i can think that even talk about this stuff is the super soldiers stuff with James Rink.
Carlos Castanada talked about “The Flyers” or predatory beings from the center of the universes, that enslaved ancient mankind and run our physical and astral bodies like a chicken coop. Man’s Inorganic Predator - The Flyers (Castaneda) - YouTube
And Robert Monroe (astral projection guy) wrote about “Loosh farming”, or the factories set up to enslave humanity. Robert “Bob” Monroe - Loosh - Earth’s History as a Loosh Farm - YouTube
The anime Deca-Dence shows the after life as how I’ve experienced the beaucracies (very similar) Deca-Dence -

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Ok I get you. Recently I asked king Paimon to help me with emotions. I’ve had lots of trouble with not being able to control my emotions. Not much of anger but just low vibrational emotions. Whiny whiny stuff. So straight after i found myself reading lots of books on psychology. I cant remember the last time I finished a book. But this time I actually studied and took notes and understood everything from heart. I’m just finishing a second book.

So that’s how.
They either get you to learn it, see it from someone else, or put you in a situation where you can learn from it. It will require effort from your side too.