Petitioning a spirit to appear when evoked

How would petitioning a spirit to appear when evoked affect the evocation? will it make the appearance of the spirit stronger or make the spirit come faster?

Im thinking of petitioning before evoking so the spirit will know and be ready and hear me rather than wait for the sigil to charge and the spirit appearing

It doesn’t because in the end it’s their choice to come or not, you’d just be giving your evocation possibly a ‘stronger’ focal to you.

Well if it makes it stronger then it still serves the purpose.

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Velenos didn’t say the result would be stronger.

This seems like doing twice the work for the same result.

Pre-ritual work is similar to what you’re referring to, if I understand you correctly. Regardless of whether you petition or do pre-ritual work, they should be expecting your call.

And, as Velenos said, it’s their choice to come or not. And if they do come, you have to work out a way to communicate. Even if you evoke them to physical manifestation (which isn’t necessarily needed for results), you still have to have a way to communicate. If you’re clairs are developed, you’ll want to have another method ready, such as tarot or pendulum.


Evoking is kinda like petitioning for them to appear/come anyways. It’s basically a basic “ritual” to communicate with a spirit/entity.

However on an external level, not internal like invoking.

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As already pointed it is their choice if they will come or not.

I second the method of communication.

And I can assure from personal experience, that the petitions work well. So you can use them as pre ritual work.

Ps. Have not used a petition as a pre ritual process / work myself. I have used them for communication and / or requests and they worked. So they should be fine as pre ritual work as well.