Petitioned to Sallos

Context: I decided to call on Duke Sallos and wanted to become accustomed to his energy. Then I became engrossed in Lilith and perhaps meeting a succubus. I was planning on the petition to Lilith for a succubus with the Letter of Intent, but halfway into it, I decided to ditch the idea. Later, I connected with Duke Sallos and entered my mind and compelled me to adopt the Letter of Intent technique but for Sallos. I asked the Duke to manifest a loving relationship with a loving girlfriend in my life. I then burned the letter.

Last night I just had some spirit try to connect me to the astral realm.First, the spirit entered my head as my voice but spoke on its own. It told me to relax as it tries to open my third eye.Then I see what looks like a representation of a dude hugging my energy body and telling me he would show me what love is and gave me the deepest hug.
I told him if he could assume a female form, so he did. It started to feel real and smell real. Then he placed his finger on my third eye and poured white light into it. Then It began guiding me through the steps of relaxation, and I am making strides in crossing, what I felt, were boundaries, I begin to see a female shape hover over my chest. Like sitting on me and have its face almost touching mine own. Then some time past and I saw full color and daylight around me with my holding my phone. It was so surreal because it felt like a cinematic summer day
So I freak out, and it warps me back to nothingness I relax some more, and I see the very fabric of two boundaries that looks very porous and wavy and 3D like. By that time, the voices stopped, but I tried to enter into that state again with limited success.

So after the realization, I had a fascinating experience with the spirit. I was curious about seduction with spirits so I said you are welcome here and do what you will. It knew that I wanted a sexual experience, so it moved its hand down to my crotch, and I felt this warmth. Then it started arousing me, and I felt fear. She told me to relax, so I tried the best that I could, but the excitement broke me out of it.

I also became worried because while a Spirit relationship sounds great, I also do want a human relationship as well. I voiced my concerns to her, and she whispered in my ear “we shall see as we go.”

I began feeling this HUGE pull on the top of my head. This rush of white energy pulling out of the top of my head. I began seeing white as well as having pressure as if energy was being injected into my third eye and through both sides of my temple. It literally feels like I was being pulled from the top of my head. after I freaked out yet again, it stopped, and I felt like a fluid was dripping from the top of my head and slid down to my face.

I told her it was gonna be a long day in the morning so I would need the sleep. And indeed I had a dreamless night and woke up with the most powerful morning wood I had in ages.

Just something I’d like to share with yall :grinning:


That is a very powerful experience! Thanks for sharing it.

congrats on the ritual :+1:

i bet the spirit will be understanding if you want to have a human relationship too, just don´t forget to give her the proper attention she needs

Freakin awesome!!!