Petitioned to Sallos part 2

Today, as I was walking home from my errands, I suddenly got a thought about my petition to Sallos and how I petitioned for a loving relationship and girlfriend. I did indeed meet a loving, caring, affectionate girlfriend, and a loving relationship But, as Duke Sallos has a wicked sense of humor, I guess I failed to mention that the relationship was to be with me.

The weekend, I stayed at a friend#1 house to celebrate another friend#2 birthday. I wasn’t told that friend #1 was bringing another person, perfect gf, who so happens to be crashing with me at Friend#1’s house. So it was getting late, and perfect gf was skyping her boyfriend throughout the night that forced me to be awake the entire night listening to their relationship.

Lesson learned: Duke Sallos is also the Duke of Malicious Compliance and has quite the sense of humor. It was well played on his part and im actually not mad. He opened my eyes up to what great love is like and im thankful for him to show me. Im just a bit salty though haha

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If you are determined to learn his lessons, i would advise petitioning him to teach you his methods. Possibly incorporating invocation to assimilate his energies.

how long ago did you make this petition?