Petition vs Pact?

So the difference between a Petition and a Pact from what I can tell is a petition you are more or less asking for a favor but in a Pact, you’re making a sort of deal.
My question is what is the difference in outcome? By that I mean are pacts more effective since you’re giving something or maybe they work faster then Petitions?

Or can a Petition be rejected? And a Pact be okay if you hold up your end?
What the limitation of each because if there is none why would you ever make a pack instead of just a Petition? Or would you say a Petition is more for mundane things and a pact more spiritual/long term?

Or can you make Petitions for spiritual awakening and psychic senses?

Just some things I’d like to know about.


1: I believe the outcomes could be the same
2:I believe a petition could be rejected, so could a pact
3: I believe a pact, as long as you uphold your end, will come through
4: Not sure either has a limitation, as for a pact over a petition, if a pact is accepted, I’d assume the end goal is assured. Aside from that, a pact to me allows for a more encompassing relationship. Petition is a favor, pact is a contract. Petition to me is akin to begging, pact to me is you putting in equal work.
5: You can ask for anything


Okay because I was thinking of doing Petitions to certain spirits to help improve my spirit senses and ability to commune with spirits so I can make pacts. Just for the fact I want to be able to understand spirits before hand.
I would use the sigil gazing method but… I haven’t had much success with getting into it and it working in any way cx

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Makes sense. For me, I get a general kinda intuition sometimes, in terms of a spirit agreeing or disagreeing, I’m pretty good at sensing presence. Still I’m skeptical when it comes to forming pacts, on whether they’ve been accepted or not. So divination is a crutch you can use until your senses are better developed. It’s what I tend to do first. Also, asking others to divine for you, or channel. I try to keep people I ask for help in those regards, ignorant of any one else’s findings, or my own. I can see how it could be annoying going my method, but for me doubt is eliminated when two or three unconnected people confirm my intuition or divination.

Also, I think a petition may be better in some ways when you’re establishing a new relationship. It’s like dating before going steady.