Petition vs Pact Evocation

Can anyone tell me what the difference between a Petition Evocation ritual and Pact Evocation ritual? Are they the same or do they require different methods of evoking? My apologies if it sounds like a daft question :joy: Many thanks in advance​:metal:

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Well, the main difference would be that a petition is simply a request, while a pact is a binding agreement.

The method of evocation wouldn’t change, but think of a petition like asking a friend for a favour, and a pact as signing a legal document that commits both parties to certain things.


Thanks for claryfying that for me @DarkestKnight. So to prepare myself for making a pact and using evocation am I right in thinking that petition work evocation rituals would make good for preparation when making a pact?

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You should always have a relationship with a spirit before attempting to enter a pact with them, so in my opinion, yes, doing petitions and working with the spirit in question is good preparation.

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Thank you again. I invoked Lucifer last night and I asked a question about pact.
My question to him was:
“In your honest opinion am I ready to make a pact with you”

Lucifer replied with:
“A pact is a serious matter, however, this will allow us to work together more and intensely. To make a pact with me you must evoke me. You are close to taking the next step and you have a little more work to do on yourself. Learn to Astral Project, Divination and Practice more magick. When you are ready you will invoke me then evoke me and we will discuss the pact terms. Even though you are sensitive to energy, you must learn how to protect yourself. As you become more evolved, stronger and powerful, you won’t need as much protection, but you will still need it until you can redirect what attacks you.”

I just wanted to share that with you @DarkestKnight as you have been a good unofficial mentor to me for which I am very grateful for. Dark blessings to you🤘