Petition rituals

would it cause an issue if used several entities to do the same task to the same person in a short time span?

No it wouldn’t unless the entities decided not to work together, the thing with calling on external forces is you have to make sure they are willing to work towards the same goal and not against one another.

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Petition spells are traditionally done to a single spirit, or a specific group, such as the “spirits of the underworld.”

I don’t know why so many people want to complicate them. They are meant to be simple and direct.

If you are evoking, you can send several spirits after the same target, but your best chance of success is to layer it so each spirit attacks the target in a different way.


I apologize, by doing the petition spell/ritual you outlined @DarkestKnight if I asked Sargatanas for his help Saturday to make my target obsessed, and asked say I asked Grah’aht’talion tomorrow through petition to change my targets feelings to think of me, would there be an issue?

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I would wait to see if there is any result from the first one before doing the second, because having your target obsessed with you tacitly implies that they are already thinking of you, so it would be a waste of time to ask Grah’aht’ralion to do something that is already happening.


Wise as ever, also, is there a way to cheat, say ask Azazel to help speed up my astral senses/energy, or ask another entitie to help improve my self confidence?

Yes, you can petition another spirit for a completely different task.

@DarkestKnight you would make an awesome mentor/teacher, your so understanding, knowledgeable, and patient, thank you.

May you be blessed my friend