Petition Ritual to Agares - method, success and thanks

My husband and I have been living apart for five years. He’s a musician and is drinking himself to death. In the past, I’ve been able to help him but he’s in his native Germany and won’t come here and I can’t afford to go there. We’d been in regular communication until April when he stopped communicating with me, our family and friends.

I had no idea where he was or how to reach him so in June, I bought the Demons of Magick book by Gordon Winterfield and found that Agares can “…bring back one who has left your household…” and decided that would be a good place to start.

Since one must encode their request, it’s wise to keep it simple so I requested " —is home."

I am not a patient person at all…and normally I would have been stressing over this request and freaking out but after making this request, I did a few more rituals with requests to other demons. Those requests have time frames and all of my impatient nature has been focused on them and not on the request to Agares.

Yesterday, my husband phoned me and we spoke for several hours. We’ve communicated only through emails/chat since 2015 because he didn’t want me to know how bad his drinking was getting so it was a huge step. He went from mildly tipsy to wasted and repeating himself by the end of the call.

Although he isn’t “home” he used the word “home” about 100 times in our conversation and has asked me to find a way to join him in Germany as he is not well enough to travel. I have a good phone number and an address for him. The interesting and sad thing about this development is that I am not sure I want him home and I’m not sure I want to reunite with him on a permanent basis. I’ve pulled him out of the gutter many times in our 30 years together but I don’t think I can at this point. I am currently crafting a petition for money so that I can at least see him and assess the situation in person.

I am most grateful to Agares for the assistance. He is very quick to act and does so in a meaningful way.

And…the lesson here is patience…patience…patience.


Congratulations :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s Awesome.


Agares is good. She really speeds things along and gets things done!

Hail Agares!