Pet safety

Quite a simple thing really, but still I think an important consideration. What do you do with your pets (mostly I mean dogs cats or anything that runs loose in the house) when you practice inside your home? A dog may be okay if trained to lay down out of the way, on the bed, sofa pet bed, anywhere that is not your ritual circle. But a cat, at least every one I have ever known and certainly my own, tends to enjoy dashing in from under the furniture, hyper as anything, ounce on your feet, and jump right onto the nearest inconvenient thing to have knocked over, before curling up to sleep on purr on that very thing you were just trying to read over. I want to start evocations one day and I can’t imagine how that will go over with the cat involved. Burning candles on or near the floor where they could, and likely would get knocked over, is a main concern of mine. Then there is the issue of distraction. My concentration would be broken entirely and suddenly by a furball launching herself into my lap from nowhere meowing and knocking over everything in her path only because that was the worst time for her to do so. I can only guess that many spirits would not be pleased by such a thing either.

Do you crate your cats and leave your dogs outside when you practice? Has a pet ever made a mess of your ritual? haha, might be a fun topic.

I do my rituals in a room they don’t go in. Shouldn’t be a problem if you have a living arrangement with multiple rooms and doors.