Personocratia... How Far Will You Go To Tap Into Your Higher Self?

Personocratia… What is this? It’s a new form of spirituality developed by two French Canadian women named Ghis & Mado.

Ghis aka Madame Ghis (born Ghislaine Lanctôt, also known as Guylaine Lanctôt) has always wanted to help others. That’s why she first wanted to become a philosopher. Wanted to help people in a more practical way, she became a medical doctor or a physician. She practiced medicine for over two decades. She ultimately came to the conclusion modern medicine is a sickness system, NOT a health one. She thus decided to write and publish a book in 1994 called ‘The Medical Mafia’ in which she outlines everything she dislikes about modern medicine including vaccination. She adamantly believes ANY & ALL types of vaccines are harmful; no exception! Following her advice, I haven’t received any vaccine in twenty years. I’m now 32.

Vaccination 101 by Ghis

Why Vaccination Continues
Extracted with permission from The Medical Mafia by Guylaine Lanctot, M.D. ISBN 0964412608 (p.126-131)

Selected extracts taken from The Trial of the Medical Mafia by Jochim Schafer ISBN 2921783029

The medical establishment of Quebec (French Canada) known as ‘Le Collège des Médecins’, very much concerned by her book, asked Ghis to resign. She refused insisting all statements made in her book are accurate. Her case then went to trial and she was convicted… She lost her license and right to practice modern medicine permanently, just because of a book and her rightful point of view!

Madame Ghis explained that she actually brought experts with her in court that corroborated her statements. She also explained that every time she said anything that made sense she was told it was not pertinent, and it was like that during the whole trial!

Those events made her change a lot of things in her life. She now won’t make use of her medicare card any longer. She believes our health is a reflection of how we truly see ourselves. If we recognize our true identity, who we truly are, we’ll remain in good health and spirits. Ghis teaches that Idessa or Personocratia (person of power) refer to who we truly are, our true Soul and Divine Being. She says that gender, race, skin tone, complexion, language, social roles, family (being a mother, a father, a son, a daughter etc.), the duty to reproduce and different religious beliefs are all ILLUSIONS!!!

Our True Soul is ABOVE all that! In order to ascend one must detach oneself from all such attachments. Therefore, Ghis will no longer play the role of the mother. Neither will Mado, her friend, a former schoolteacher, that is also a spiritualist, just like Ghis. Mado won’t even call her own mother “Mom” any longer, neither will she allow her children to keep calling her “Mom”. First names are now used instead of “Mom”. Mado will not even use her last name any longer 'cause she wants no more attachments to heredity.

Ghis & Mado will no longer pay taxes, have bank accounts, carry a driver’s license etc. etc. They want completely OUT of “modern society” so they can tap into their Higher Selves and escape from animality. Ghis even did jail time for refusing to pay taxes and sign documents bearing her full legal name she no longer identifies with. She says her birth name attached to a social insurance number (Canadian version of the US social security number) is a corporation ruled by the State. She, as a sovereign and independent entity, is a PRIVATE person distinct from that corporation…

And of course… NO SEX !!! !!! !!! Mado explained sexual activity of any kind is animality, she wants out of it and the next step is to evolve into a genderless being…

What do you think?! Are you ready to tap into the realm of Personocratia? Feel free to watch these videos and comment. Both videos are in English.

THE MEDICAL MAFIA - Subtitulos Español

Personocratia’s Path Explained by Mado

sounds like another cult started by a disenfranchised charismatic turned guru. I’ll pass. I’m quite fond of my animality

Morons. Absolute morons. Spreading bad advice.

As stated in EA’s work, Ascension requires elevation of the WHOLE being, of which the “animal” is part. These idiots are doing nothing new. Religion (especially Christianity) has been against the “dirty” physical self since day 1, making people feel bad for their own natural drives. Its retarded, as are these people.

How far? As far as chanting IAO, which is a formula for invoking one’s higher self.


I see them in a couple of years… mass suicide when a meteor pass by the sky

It’s another thing that tries to sound original, but in the end is just a twist on the same nonsense. Nothng really elevated about denouncing intrinsic parts of your self… if the body is dirty or “animal”, then creation has been fucked up from the beginning, and the “higher self” is a completely moron for using a physical, “dirtier” body to “incarnate”.

If this is so elevated, then why “escape”? How do you even end up in jail for not paying taxes… I know a few people who actively take that same role. However, they actually wield tangible power, and so they never catch shit for it because they are doing it big. But this… well whatever floats your boat really. It just looks pretty much the same, ungrounded lofty theorizing that really doesn’t help folks find their Godliness within the framework they realize at the moment. So… it’s whatever man.

I got news for these guys, at least some gods can be pretty animalistic

I can agree with her philosophy on ‘modern medicine’ in that is a total SCAM designed to make you sick to ultimately PROFIT from you.

Anyone that has done more than 15 minutes of research into Fluroide, GMO, Aspartame, Prescription ‘Psychiatric’ drugs, Radiation treatment, etc knows that the soul purpose of 99% of prescription filth is to keep you sick and profit from your misery.

There is a reason they poison you… There is a reason the AMA is the most corrupt medical institution in the modern world. There is a reason that modern Psychiatry has invented 10,000 new ‘mental illness’s’ over the past 60 years to fill your body with garbage to make money off of you. Nevermind there is not ONE shred of proof via a blood test, an MRI, or a CAT scan that any of these things ‘exist’.

Modern Western culture is a SCAM, and the sooner people wake the hell up to the fact the sooner we can move on.

As for her views on discovering my higher self. No need. It’s with me always. My ‘awakening’ and amalgamation of the spirit happened quite naturally, and I sense there is NOTHING anyone can do to force it. If it is meant to be, it will be. The age we are entering requires a slow synthesis, but it is inevitable. Why rush a good thing?

As for her views on the ‘Drivers License’, Birth Certificate, etc…if you people had ANY IDEA what these things are, you would be fighting them with everything you had.

These things create a ‘legal person’ —A FICTION they use to gain Jurisdiction and PROFIT from YOU. Look that term up…a ‘Person’ in Black’s Law Dictionary. It is a legal FICTION created by a corporation calling itself ‘Government’, used to put YOU up as Surety for a BOND they created and they trade on the Stock Exchange. They tricked your parents into SIGNING you away to the fucking Central Bank as COLLATERAL for a LOAN.

When you go to court they assign you a CUSIP number, and if you are ‘charged’ they trade this ‘CUSIP’ on the NYSE for PROFIT.

I study Law. It’s my second love. I am free. It’s all a SCAM, you still live under Caesar’s rule in his ‘Corporate’ Democracy and do NOT function under the ‘Republic’ of your nation, and the sooner you all wake up to that FACT, the better.

If you are a total newb to this, watch this, research what the man is saying, THEN comment:

I actually agree with her on that point. I was commenting on the no sex and refusing to play the game… once you realize that’s all this shit is then you can put it in its proper place… its a game you play to fulfill your desires and all obligatory notions are just there to make sure you keep losing.

I’ll agree that their views are somewhat extreme. Mado won’t even buckle up anymore when in a car; she sees fastening her safety belt as conditioning herself for an accident or something. I don’t agree that anything sex is bad. Sex can be used in tantra, magick and go beyond simple reproduction or lust. Several entities such as Sitri, Bacchus, Lilith or Venus thrive on sex…

But yeah… People are being poisoned way too much… Please read the articles on vaccination, if you don’t mind. I have taken the time to read them and yeah, they do make sense.

According to some theories, HIV/AIDS was man-made and instilled in vaccines in the late seventies. The first cases of AIDS appeared in certain New York ghettos and the African continent at the same time… Curious…

yeah, the medicine part is right

about HIV, there is an interview from the 2008 nobel price of medicine that talks baout how it can be easily cure but is not good for the labs that hold the vaccine (I’m not ure if that is even the right word… you know the thing that has a needle and sting you the “cure”)

I can’t remember the name or enter youtube right now but to everyone interested the info he share is good

the sex thing reminded me to that sect in the states where a guy made all the members commite suicide … my feeling was that they were manipulated by some entity in that case, the “genderless” issue was one of his idesa

[quote=“Enlightener_Illuminator, post:10, topic:2082”]But yeah… People are being poisoned way too much… Please read the articles on vaccination, if you don’t mind. I have taken the time to read them and yeah, they do make sense.

According to some theories, HIV/AIDS was man-made and instilled in vaccines in the late seventies. The first cases of AIDS appeared in certain New York ghettos and the African continent at the same time… Curious…[/quote]
Are you serious? There’s a big difference between making sense and being accurate. Vaccines save lives. Did you have the measles as a kid? That could have killed you. Children who have not been vaccinated against it die. People who claim vaccines are poison and cause autism are wrong. The research has been proven faulty and the guy behind it admitted he doctored the results to fit his preconceived ideas. That is bad science.

And Gnosis’ claim above that psychiatry has created 10000 ‘new’ mental illnesses over the past sixty years is equally ridiculous. Try reading the DSM IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual). Homosexuality used to be considered a mental illness. Same with magical thinking, something everyone here does. If anything, there are less recognized mental illnesses today.

Yes, medicine has become a big industry and with that comes a host of problems, but fear mongering and pushing ridiculous ideas with no factual basis causes even more problems. As Einstein said, ‘There are two things I know to be infinite. The universe and human stupidity. And I’m not sure about the universe.’

Western Doctors type in symptoms into off a computer programmed by the very pharma companies that make the drugs to pop out a list of pills they want to prescribe.

Yup, no conflict of interest there.

Of course they are not ALL bad, but the ones that act like Robots are. I’m lucky to have a very good Doctor that knows a bit about holisitic medicine, and incorporates that into his Western training.

As for psychiatry, I grew up in a household of Pshychologists. Don’t even get me started on the mass groupthink, consensus reality, and overall stupidity in that fucking field.

The DSM is nothing but an elaborate work of FICTION. Deny it? Oh I guess you just suffer from ‘Drapatomania’…a condition slaves suffer for wanting to be free.


Read up on Thomas Szasz:

The only ‘Psychiatry’ that takes place in the Western world is Pavlovian dog training. Psychiatry got it’s big push in the 20th century in Soviet Russia when Lenin adopted Pavlov and used his research to control his population.

Read the Archepelego Gulag, The Black Book of Communism, etc.

Guess what, the fake science spread, because it’s profitable.

As for Vaccines, hey if you want to inject yourself with aluminum and other waste, be my guest. I’ll pass. I haven’t had one in 20 years and I’m tip-top. There might be a few good ones but I don’t bother with them.

They probably aren’t all bad, but ultimately you live in a society where corporatism and profit is the name of the game. I’ll trust myself over them.

The ‘No-Sex’ part? Yea that’s not going to work for me, although I do have my spouts of celebecy, and when I do I enter extreme states of self-introspection and make great leaps in my spiritual life.

To each is own. I’m not pushing my lifestyle on anyone, and suggest you all do your own research and draw your own conclusions.

Hate to break the news to ya, Gnosis, but there is mass group think, consensus reality and overall stupidity in EVERY field. And I have never seen my doctor type a list of symptoms into a computer to pop up a list of drugs. Ever.

I have a BA in Psychology and I am very well read and yes, that includes Szasz. So what? His ideas aren’t new. There are similar books in other medical fields. It’s simply opinion. And he’s a medical doctor, not a psychologist or psychiatrist, which means his specialty is NOT mental illness.

Are there problems in psychology? Most definitely. The Satanic Panic of the eighties comes to mind, as well as research being paid for by, and thus slanted in favour of, drug companies. That, however, does not invalidate it.

I don’t take vaccines. Vaccines are only useful if you may be exposed to something. I haven’t had one since childhood, but if there was a meningitis outbreak in my neighborhood I most likely would (since inflammation of the brain is bad).

And I didn’t say anything about the no sex part. if someone wants to deny part of being human, all the power to them.

I have done my own research and I have drawn my own conclusions, and when you clear away the fear mongering, and the agendas, the facts do not support what these people are claiming. You are right about one thing though. Corporations are a huge threat to the human race in their quest for profits, and that doesn’t just include the medical field.

My last post on this topic:

Dr. Szasz help a PhD in Psychiatry and was a professor at the State University of New York Upstate Medical University in Syracuse. He most certainly was trained in Mental Illness, and led the revolution in his field.

I hold a B.A. too…and it’s taken me years to undo that programming.


Actually, He was a professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, but he never had a Phd, just an MD (the reason I said he was just a medical doctor is because he didn’t have a PhD after his name on the book jacket). He received his degree in 1944, according to info I found through Google. Perhaps a PhD wasn’t required back then. Modern psychiatrists usually have both PhD and MD after their names.

Western medicine has two ways of healing, either by quimistry or by surgery… obviouslt that is not enough to threat every dis-ease that exist, and of course there is economic, political (and I’ll say even magickal) interest in game about medicine, pharmaceutical production and such…

yet medicine can help, just not always and not as well as they thinnk, since alopatic medicine is more about symtoms that actual healing… but let be honest, who here really think lab owners have the very best interest in the general population???

that aside, there is a nice movement right know, pioneers of bio-physics working their way both theoretically and practically (analisys of “spontaneus remission” to name an example) and there are some good info in a documentary called “The Living Matrix”, I happen to know a guy that featured in that movie and I know is the real deal (Eric Pearl), about the others I cannot vouch but they do make sense to me…

so basically, actual medicine is based in a physiological model based in the newtonian mechanics, and this new “medicine” is being build in the bio-physics, that is an effort to transform the physiological and biological knowledge based in the experience of quantum mechanics

How can one even be sure that there is truly an epidemic going on? Ghis mentioned in that video I posted and during her medical trial a 1979 programme that aired on CBS. It related to the 1976 so-called “swine flu epidemic”. Apparently, one person died and medical industry called it an epidemic and had everybody go get vaccinated. Some people experienced neurological damage and asked for monetary compensation. Some others died…

PLEASE watch these videos. The guy in charge of the vaccination campaign kept saying: “I don’t know.”, “I don’t know.”, “I don’t know.” to most questions asked… It’s LUDICROUS! They failed to tell the public there could be severe neurological damage. They’ve also utilized names of public figures without their consent in order to promote the vaccine!

CBS 60 Minutes - Swine Flu Vaccine Propaganda - 1976 - Part 1 of 2

CBS 60 Minutes - Swine Flu Vaccine Propaganda - 1976 - Part 2 of 2