Personifying & Deifying Aspects Of The Brain? A Question!

Hello all,

I am splitting up my introductory post in hopes of getting more insight into some recent experiences I have had, which I am not able to share with friends/family. I have been making sigils for a very long time but am new to ritual, etc.

I’m experimenting with the notion of “designing deities” and venerating them. I am interested in personifying different parts of my brain and seeing what happens when I invoke them/make offerings to them (not grovelling). Last night was the first time I did any “devotions”;

visualize circle --> banishing --> shielding–> shrouding --> grounding --> charging --> exhib. gnosis --> inhib. gnosis --> invocations/blood offerings–> conclude rite --> banishing

I invoked 5 “deities” (ancestor collective/brain stem/hindbrain/diencephalon/telencephalon), during the final invocation, with my eyes closed, I saw a shape and felt something almost like peaking on acid. It was not hostile or invasive, but it was intense and frightening and I shied away from it. I have felt something similar during meditation, but this felt foreign. The deity I was make an offering to was a Wizard-Poet Archetype (telencephalon personification). Does anyone have any ideas what this sensation could have been??

Many thanks!


This is fascinating, sorry I missed it before - I see this was 5 days ago, what’s the situation now? :thinking:

@Banjax, @987ritual & @AdamThoth come to mind as people who may have worked in this area (forgive me anyone I’ve missed out) - anything to add folks?


Men like Mathers and Crowely believed that the goetia was innately parts of the brain. The brain constructed by the same mathematical formulas that the universe and nature use to construct everything else is a perfect reflection of said formula and entangled with it made from it and a part of it. The forces or gods are the macrocosm and the brain the microcosm. The next coil in the spiral of the Fibonacci sequence of existing material spiritual and mental reality.


Thank you for your interest xx

I did a more elaborate ceremony on the vernal equinox, focusing specifically on the ancestor and “female” personifications. I meditated with a lit candle and had some binaural beats going. I entered (for me) a deep trance state where I struggled to recite the “mantras” I had created for each of them and felt close to drooling. I’ve associated my brainstem with a death/birth mother earth archetype. When I recited her mantra (some of my own words and a some meaningful selections from colderidge) and looked at her sigil (soaked in blood), I felt a deepening connection and saw the background “dance”, like cave paintings lit by fire. It was spectacular and felt like a bond was building. But, I did not feel the foreign and “acid peaking” sensation I felt before with the telencephalon personification. This ritual took two hours and took a lot out of me; I’m also trying to create a thoughtform household guardian so have been focusing on that the past few days.

A few days before the equinox, when I was invoking the hindbrain personifcation (who I’ve associated with the wild man archetype), I suddenly felt like there were antlers growing out of my head. Not physically, but visually (not that I could see them; I’m not sure how to put that into words properly). I’ve since started intentionally imaging different relevant animal parts; I’ve associated mesencephalon with a shieldmaiden archetype so I now imagine eagle wings and an eagles beak when I mediate on her sigil.

I will keep invoking them every other night or so and will happily post progress if people are interested xx


Lookup images of Michelangelo and the human brain, and body - fascinating stuff! :+1:

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In this time when a virus ("Great Acts Of Heresy" - I Channelled A Virus In 2016) is a tad bit in the news :laughing: magick about the divine corpus is probably THE magick to be interested in… per Vaastu etc. :wink:


Is it posible that you got contacted by actual architect of universe, in the form of giving you time/space and some sort of acceptance and blessing to your practices…

if this is the thing, you need to understand that that being not communicate with words, just with subtle hints, but it can “open” gatevways and energetic supplies towards your physical being, controlled by your highbeing and conciousness…

god loves you.

i follow this thread.

i dont believe that human beings brains operate with same way, taking in consideration that soul and conciousness affects your physical being, meaning everything comes from up to down, and paths your existence…

its almost criminal to regulate brain-activity, or think there is only one way to map brains, female and male brains works diferently and cannot ever prove or have full understanding of eachother…

good luck

I’m not sure what sort of answer you’re seeking: the experience is the experience. What do you mean by “ideas what this sensation could have been”?
You have conjured an aspect of Infinite Being that is not part of the so-called established grimoires–not that it’s any less real–and not many will be able to related to it. This is the essence of eclectic/chaos magic: you have work with your experience without seeking external validation.

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This is great!


I had to look up what Vaastu is; I have a lot to learn. Thank you for the introduction x

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That is pretty much what I was looking for. I am a beginner who has never attempted to conjure anything, so even though it may seem straightforward to some people, these are new waters for me and I wanted to compare notes with more experienced practitioners as I experiment- for clarity and for safety. Thank you for helping putting this experience into words for me.

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Try to keep this in mind: consciousness is reality. The whole thing is limitless consciousness in different ways/arrangements/states of mind. Everything is real and nothing is real simultaneously. Anything you imagine, and things you cannot, are real. What you conjure is merely something that exists that you haven’t experienced so far. The fact that it is not recorded anywhere or not currently accessed by anybody else has nothing to do with its existence. :slight_smile:


I decided to try to work with one deity per day, instead of multiple. I did my usual circle setup, placed the sigil of the telencephalon personification (wizard archetype) next to the tarot card I associate him with (the hermit), and lit a candle. About seven minutes into gnosis/“lift off” I made a small blood offering and besides the normal weird swirlingness/euphoria/etc, the tarot card fucking moved. Not the picture, the actual card. I had to resist the urge to to banish and shut everything down.

I was paranoid for the rest of the ritual (I was also working on shaping a thoughform/some self-poppet shadow work) and saw a shape of blue light across from me but that could have been from meditating in the dark by candlelight. I decided to banish again, raced though the other parts of the ritual, and cut it short since I was not in an ideal mindset and couldn’t maintain a meditative state.

Is it common for things to actually move?!? I wasn’t requesting a manifestation, just meditating and making an offering. This is probably laughable to seasoned LHP practitioners but I am feeling a little spooked.


Yes, that’s a good sign, poltergeist type things (moving objects, noises, etc). :+1:

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Thank you for the reassurance. I might hold off on working with this one for a while, until I can distinguish between my own paranoia about encountering spirits versus reading bad vibes from a spirit, or confidently distinguish between imposter spirits/parasites versus my own. Exciting progress though! I’ve only made about 4 or 5 offerings to him, so not bad on that front I suppose.

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Lady Eva, should this be moved to journal entries? I’d like to update this regularly so I can keep track of progress without spamming about minor details. I’m happy to keep it here would also rather not annoy the shit out of everyone ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I tried flagging but got a message saying I’m “not allowed to view this specified resource” or something.

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23 Mar 2020 - 28 Mar 2020

Spinal Cord Personification: combined snake hissing sounds with binaural beats; pleasant
Brain Stem Personification: skipped to consolidate schematic
Cerebellum Personification: pleasant
Diencephalon Personification: had a friend over; didn’t
Telencephalon Personification: tarot card moved!


  1. Splitting Telencephpalon into “cortical” and “subcortical structures” personifications (but also keeping Telencephalon)

  2. Would like to also try this for shadow self and animus at a later date; equating “ancestor” with the collective unconscious and the animus with the HGA/personal daemon. Would not venerate shadow/animus.

  3. Restructured; spinal cord = cthonic mother/divine feminine , brainstem = wild man , cerebellum = shield maiden , diencephalon = sorceress , cortex = poet/musician , subcortical structures = hard to define , telencephalon = mystic/genius

Very interesting thread.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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Spinal Cord: Root Chakra : Existential Intelligence
Brainstem: Sacral Chakra : Naturalistic Intelligence
Cerbellum: Solar Plexus Chakra : Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence
Diencephalon: Third Eye Chakra : Intrapersonal & Interpersonal Intelligence
Subcortical Structures: Heart Chakra : Intrapersonal & Interpersonal Intelligence
Cortical: Throat Chakra : Musical, Linguistic & Spatial Intelligence
Telencephalon: Crown Chakra : Logical-Mathematical, Intrapersonal, Existential, Musical, Linguistic & Spatial Intelligence