Personalized death sigil

So it has come to my understanding that if someone died it would make my life easier. I have access to the bed In which they sleep. Another person sleeps in this bed and I do not want to harm that person. I have read some spells that use sigil underneath the bed to be there always. I like this idea because spell will continually be in contact every night with this person. I cant Express enough that it is meant to harm only one and not the other in any way at all. The bed in question has a cover over the box spring and would be perfect for concealing the sigil long term. So anyone have any suggestions I also have access to said persons hair and belongings, but would like to keep belongings to a minimum because this obviously needs to be discreet

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Just curse them. Your death curse looks pretty stupid if you get arrested for trespassing.

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Well thankyou for your suggestion, but I this person, personally and frequently invited over. Not B&E required and in fact have access to the house when no one else is home. But I’m open to curse suggestions as well, I’ve never cursed someone before intentionally. I have made someone died before, but it almost killed me as well. I got very sick , person I wanted to died git sick also , I got better, they died.

In that case it was just pure emotional energy sent out, I truly didn’t know anything. I wasn’t practicing, just really wanted them to die and I was drunk and crying and I made it happen

Cursing would be easier and if you have access to hair you can use that as a powerful anchor. There’s various ways to curse, from a simple petition to an involved ritual. You can search resources here on the forum.

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Just do that with demons, the demons make it even more effective.

Sometimes, I’ve seen my old enemies wind up cursed rather unexpectedly. I didn’t even really put the intention out there, but that’s just how swell the demons can be when they got your back.

I’m familiar with goetia, i have the 72 demons of magic from gom what demon do you suggest.

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I don’t know dog whatever you want to do. Disease, relationship problems, physical injury, confusion, mental suffering, financial problems, and so much more! It’s all in the book.

Kindly list the demons you you would use for this work, thank you.

Idk yet that’s what in trying to figure out I’ll have to look at my book tonight and make a list

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Thank you so much and let me know once you have posted it