Personalised weight loss candle spell!

So here I am making a candle spell to lose weight. Using a huge yellow pillar candle! Yellow to represent the “fat”! Burn that fat baby :triumph:
Drawings Belial, Lilith, king Paimon and Asmoday sigils on a paper with my requests and sticking it on the candle as follows!

" Please help me lose the extra weight and be healthy!
I call on mother Lilith to connect me with my femininity!
I call on King Belial to whip my ass in to shape!
I call on King Paimon to guide me manage my pain!
I call on King Asmoday to make me charming and beautiful! "

The other side with the following affirmations:
" I exercise often
I achieve my desired weight quickly
I am determined to lose weight
I control my appetite
I love and improve my body
I can see myself at my target weight
I lose weight easily
I have a positive self-image
I am attaining my target weight
I am thin, feminine, charming, beautiful and sexy! "

:blush: lighting the candle, activating the sigils and meditate on it for a while!
Will leave it burn for about a week I think and see what happens! :rofl:
Wish me luck! I’ll update with my results if am still alive by then! :hugs:


Good luck! :+1:


Very cool, I wish you great success!
Weight is something I’ve struggled with myself. Last year I lost 120lbs, but I’m a big guy and still got a way to go. However it seems I have hit a plateau and am having a difficult time getting anymore weight to shed.
Maybe I’ll give this a try (of course slightly altered for a guy lol)


:heart_eyes: you are a motivation for me! Good luck :running_man:‍♂️ :running_woman: keep it up!


Thank you!


The more positive energy you can muster and motivational power the better.


Sounds good–I’m sending you energetic, happy vibes! You’re going to succeed, I know it!


:hugs: thank you!


I asked for help with a girl from Belial. Alot has happened and I’ve ways been a gym rat, but I believe my evocation with him has set me to break my boundary’s and actually get the body I’ve wanted all these years.

Wether it’s my head or not, I know Belial will get you to lose weight :joy:


:rofl: so this is interesting! My weight was jumping up and down alot, when I believe I lose something it jumps back up… :woman_shrugging: lots of headaches and trying to workout! I look fine in the mirror though! :thinking: it’s hard to detach from the results when you are used to weighing yourself twice a day…


It is hard to detach sometimes, but one of the best things I’ve done on my weight loss journey is to stop watching my weight constantly and just have faith in what I was doing.

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:thinking: this is interesting jar spell!
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Did it worked?

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Would have been nice to have this while I was losing weight lol. I would rather starve then go back to the weight I was.


Yes for a while… but I didn’t stick to the routine :confused:

‘I call on King Belial to whip my ass into shape’… :joy::joy::joy:. He tried to do that with me…have been doing. But I guess I am the most stubborn among his girls…
He is tired…! :laughing:

But your spell looks nice… All the best dear :+1:t2: