Personal Spirit Companion

Sorry. Offer closed now.



Ohh it’s a shadow person… I’ve been giving it thought and honestly it’d be hypocritical of me to deny them.
Form:shadow dragon.
As for purpose and personality, surprise me.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Before I agree, what is the nature of the shadow entity. I may be wanting to try this

As long as it isn’t the spirit of a dead person I would like to have a servitor.

I can feel breath. It’s got some power, well done

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@Aiden_Crow Thank you. Can you see anything?

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I can here him. Is his function baneful magic and protection? At least that’s what I heard.

Also his elements are fire and air, I believe. His animal is the ram and dragon. I will explore his capabilities, thank you very much!

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Mine also seems very adept at working with chakra energy. :heart_eyes:

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Great job @TheStorm my servitor is great! So happy with him!

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Can I get one?

If so;

Name: Sceolang
Form: Coyote
Purpose: Protection of my partner and I, Baneful works and (if possible) help with ascent
Personality: Anything but a pushover (can’t have a coward)

This intrigues me, but my only concern is that it will ultimately be beholden to you.

Regardless, I could use a shadow companion to aid me in my tasks.

Name: Oculi Umbris
Form: Octopus with eyes along it’s tentacles
Purpose: To protect from unseen threats, and to inform me of the things I don’t see.
Personality: As long as he’s not a raging asshat or a pussy bitch, whatever you want.

@KingOfHearts616 Sure. I will get to it in about an hour or so. I’d rather you be online when I do it, so just comment when you are ready.

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Thank you very much

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@Anziel_Merkaba Same there. Just comment when you are online. I have a few things for now, but in about an hour I should be available.

@KingOfHearts616 @Anziel_Merkaba For both of you, some sort of anchor to direct the Spirit would help immensely. A photo of some sort would be most useful.

That’s very good to hear. Thank you.

Like to direct it towards us? You have my name… I’m reluctant to send a photo of myself…

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@KingOfHearts616 Very well. I will cope.

@KingOfHearts616 Okay. I am ready. Just comment when ready, and I will begin.