Personal/Ritual space

Hello, so currently I don’t live alone so I have to perform my magick in my bedroom (predominantly LHP stuff) which is also my workspace for my music and art (magick and art are both creative so mixing those in the same place is fine for me), however just looking for some tips/opinions as obviously this is also where I sleep and spend most of my time when I’m home, also for relaxation etc.
I considered holding off on invocations etc and other rites until I have my own place again towards the end of the year. Typically I work on stuff when either nobody is in the home or the person I live with is asleep so there is no noise in the home.

And one other thing: is it important to keep windows closed all the time in your magickal space? It’s currently summer and hot here, so windows closed all the time is not pleasant haha.


Same. No problems with it here.

Never heard if it being important to keep the windows closed but I would do so if you don’t want your neighbours to hear you chanting and think about calling an exorcist :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha! My neighbours probably already think I’m crazy. I keep them closed during workings mostly as I live in a noisy area but I read somewhere on here about keeping them closed and wasn’t sure if that was important or not.

I personally think showing the spirit your resolve to still do the working is a plus, an idea for beIN able to over our ass if your heard chanting exc would be to print of a hella generic mantra meditation and keep the paper near where your at o just show them I if they say anything when they see it they should calm down or lose interest. Myself I bearly ever do actual Evo or invo to a real extent with candles or anything but I do most of my sigil charging or drawings right in the middle of the kitchen In a house of 11 people when they ask what the pictures are I just tell them so far no one said anything not even the dude I used to go to church with. But I do have angel and demon in it. As far as the window question I think ivwouldn matter especially xo siderinf befor I just said fuck it and started doing it right there in the kitchen I asked for opinion what should I do and was told find a peaceful area outside and just make sure you do a banishment befor starting the work.