Personal Reality Replacement

Is it even coneivably possible to completely replace your reality with one 100% and wholly of your own design? To fully live in a world you’ve created, physically, in the flesh? How would one go about this, without something brash such as suicide?

Our realities are pretty much our own but there’s always a common objective side to reality. Even if someone wants say a reality that everything goes their way. The objective aspect of it shows there’s factors that’ll stop certain things.


Well yeah, I’m essentially asking if its possible to jump into other, self created realities with their own objective.

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I only know something similar to this. If you believe in parallel realities, you could possess a body of yourself with the life you want. Then they will take your body here

This reality is just that. I think digging deep and finding what you don’t like about this reality and then taking the necessary steps to put it on your desired track is a better option.

I think once you master this reality you’ll be ready for others.


Bornless one ritual, it is actually you asking from “god” to have your own time and space,

“Hear Me, and make all Spirits subject unto Me: so that every Spirit of
the Firmament and of the Ether: upon the Earth and under the Earth: on
Dry Land and in the Water: of Whirling Air, and of Rushing Fire: and every
Spell and Scourge of God may be obedient unto Me.”

but the thing about this is, you cannot break laws of singularity, and alot of tricksters will show up and fill positions of beings that you still cannot “command” or are not “obedient” to you

and it opens easily posibility to delusion grandieur setup, fills up “positions” in “beta-organisation”, which maddens the real spiritis and beings in the long run…

but in a way with that ritual, and concious separation from “god” you become “master” of your reality

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sounds pointless honestly

When I was in jail, I had created a world of my own design. it was a beautiful place, but it was seperated from me by a viel, and i had a near death experience where i actually went into that world. some bastard god pulled me back to life, though. I wish i could “portal” into those places.

Hi OP! I’ve never done this, but, after you set up a universe with a primordial being like Tiamat, you could try replacing the one you’re already in with it (ask primordials for help), or you can try to get a portal being like Janus to help you transport yourself there. Would take a lot of time though, some years at least! :slight_smile:

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Or you could create a reality and a body in that place. Then soul travel and possess that body

That way you would not have to transport your physical body. Nice idea @Qayos

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IME you’ll still get rebounded back to this body if you don’t care of its presence here before you go- it’s not like your body stops existing when you soul travel, and it can be used to rubberband you back here, like an escape key. If you’re really trying to leave, you have to break your body down into nothingness first, though this usually requires a complete lack of suicidal ideation- having those thoughts cross during the process changes the result from ‘leaving’ to ‘obliterating self’. :slight_smile:

Well what if another being takes your body when you leave? @Qayos

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Tried that, the body treats those kinds of things as walk ins/magical invasion even if you invited it- you have to be in house to allow the reaction, otherwise your body tries to expel it, and if it can’t it usually automatically reels the native soul back in for backup. The consciousness needs to be formatted as the original inhabitant to bypass this reaction, which is really difficult to do because you need precise enough tools to not just make the spirit into a future version of you that gets pulled back by the process. :slight_smile:

So there is no way to trap your consciousness in your energy body?

So wait for possession let the being get ingrained, then soul travel

Your consciousness is your soul, the soul is just what we call consciousness free of physical or energetic form. You can very easily get trapped in your energies, but actually leaving requires an absence of form- pure soul necessary to move on in full awareness to what would be considered the next life, if you had died. Waiting for the new guy to come in so you can show him around before departing only delays the return snap, it doesn’t stop it from happening. :slight_smile:

So you are saying you cannot live in the astral plane or etheric plane?

That they are closed off after death? You win’t have a body? What will happen to your astral body then?

If you’ve retained enough awareness at the time of physical death you can work to maintain your energetic bodies, yes. But shipping yourself to a different universe is a whole different affair, aside from being much harder to pull off, it incorporates a lot more letting go. :slight_smile:

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Daoists believe in being able to leave your body permanently, after cultivating the three treasures in their Dantien for a couple of decades. They also don’t experience the rubberband you refer to. From my observation, in the Kabbalah-dominant Western traditions, Astral travel is approached very early on, and as a result you have a kind of cord, connected to your body. Daoists don’t do this, they practice for a long time, sometimes in natural places with certain energetic properties, and after about a year or two, only then do they project. The difference is they don’t have this cord.

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