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I believe in addition to asking entities for help, personal power is an important thing to also build. That in a sense is what spiritual alchemy is. I see some people using only demons for their works and not building relationships with them. Which in my eyes is how you learn from them. Also people who have had successes with demons may fail at spells due to the lack of not obtaining any personal power. I started in the RHP bare minimum with only using spells and through meditations and such, gained personal power. Then i come to the LHP 8 years later and work with spiritual alchemy from this aspect. So i think it is important. I see many novice magicians struggle with spells or evocation due to underdeveloped astral sight and other important skills that need developed such as energy sensitivity, harnessing and projecting. So take this for what it is and feel free to add to it and comment on it as you may im sure someone will disagree somewhere lol.

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This is an excellent post, developing personal power is arguably the backbone of your magic.

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Hahaha yes indeed i think so too many so often overlook their own power.

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In Castaneda’s books, the term Personal Power specifically means how much attention you’ve freed up from egotistical concerns. We are born with a finite amount of attention, and have squandered it on useless stuff. As you begin to reclaim it, your personal power grows.

Unfortunately, you can’t have personal power without impeccability. That attention you free up is always “on”, free to empower whatever you choose to focus on. If you’re not doing the choosing, things can get a little crazy once you have enough personal power. You can’t be swayed by petty concerns, impeccability means you have to be better than the average man.

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I like thatt. And thats like the fourth time he has come up. I should maybe read them i hear he is excellent

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I’ve never viewed power that way, personally I view power as the amount of magic/energy you can bring to bear. Never the less this is an interesting view point and I’ll definitely give these books a read.

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It interesting indeed haha i like your definition zac. Another form of it would be, how effective the output of power is as well as how much is harnesssed. Results and perhaps the observed change from the output. But yes indeed the harnessing of power as you said zac would definitely set the bar for how much is output.

I totally agree, I’ve been banging that drum for ages… working with demons in terms of asking them for stuff is great, doing spells and so on it great, but if NONE of this is coming from an internal certainty of power, ideally one based on experience and not fantasy, then you’re really little more than a kid badgering the grown-ups for pocket money and sweets.

IMO anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:


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What would happen though if say two powerful magicians combined or merged their power on a set goal, magick, or whatever?

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What would happen though if say two powerful magicians combined or merged their power on a set goal, magick, or whatever?[/quote]

The most powerful spells are when you use Dual Forces of Feminine and Masculine. Combining makes it more powerful, just make sure when you do that that both people are aligned in agreement upon the goal, otherwize you just end up getting in each others way.

So in the workplace if you wanted to gdt ahead you would surround yourself by beautiful women (assuming you are a guy), and then feel the sexual power build. Rechannel and sublimate that energy into your muscles and work focus, and basically Outdo the Competition with your Superior Sexual Magickal powers.

What if said two magicians created something else they were not aware of while doing a ritual or some type of magick?

I dont understand your question. I am assuming you already know what you are creating.

Hmm… Kinda hard to explain. But like you are doing and aware of the thing you want to do. But when two merge something else unexpected also happens.

It’s super effective.

More importantly, several muggles could combine their focus to equal the effectiveness of a skilled magician. Not all the magic I do uses my power. I often harness the attention of others towards my bidding.

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Hmm… Kinda hard to explain. But like you are doing and aware of the thing you want to do. But when two merge something else unexpected also happens.[/quote]

I understand what you are saying. I said things in the past that it is very important that you be Discriminating with your “Symbolic Focus.” So if you focus on demons being scary while manifesting something not scary, then your manifestations may include the Fear Element. Examples would be using Blood offerings. Blood has associations to things in the human psyche.

To combat Fear you instead use Love. Sexual energy instead for example. Before doing a ritual you must make sure you are pure of Mind and Spirit so you dont bring anything unrelated or unwanted into the ritual.

Imo, acknowledging and working on your personal power is the first step towards becoming self-made. I’ve found that the easiest way for someone to tap into such power is to define it. And when I say define it, I mean creating a deific mask for it.

Once you have created a blank mask for personal power, spirits can be evoked/invoked for the purpose of defining and fine tuning it. Once the data is applied to your mask of power you can begin to wield this personal power successfully in your everyday life.

This is spiritual alchemy for me…I see it as the act of finding and mixing together certain energy currents (spirits) in order to create that perfect mask.

Furthermore, it establishes a deep and personal relationship with the spirits you use to create this mask of power because you’re essentially/metaphorically wearing them. So it would be kind of stupid not to take care of it.

True. It takes serious power to build personal power though as it doesnt come over night. Anyone reading this that thinks they will grt Personal Power simply by putting on a mask is in for a rude awakening. It takes alot of time and intense ritual to build the power of said mask.

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Lol, people who look at it like that will get their faces melted off.

I think a good source to use for creating a mask of power is the works of Michael Ford. If there was one important thing that I’ve taken from his work it would be that there is a Mask for everyone. Imo, his work is generally geared towards the creation and fine tuning of your perfect mask.

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I love you input CJ very good way to put it. I am nit a huge fan of Ford but i do respect his work. He has a few books out that look good. But yea i agree. I feel that if you cannot harness energy, tgen it is almost pointless to perform any of the magickal arts. Like i have said elsewhere, i have with clearings used just oure energy and i use my energy constantly to speed physical healing. Also a protection spell i made uses just energy and visualization. Without understanding energy work and how to harness and use it, most tgings would be pointless. Im sure a lot of people on here can relate that when they bend their will on a certain thought, it mamifests. I have done this by accident with work haha i dont feel like going and in my gut i feel like just not working and it manifests in a few hours. Just goes to show how each of us can use our own will and manifest channge without the need of spirits to do it for us. Im not saying never to use entities to accomplish something just merely there are some things that are more important than material things like ascent that they could be better utilized for. And i habe heard some people say they have been complained to by certain entities about this haha