Personal Places of Power

If anyone wants to share I am interested in hearing about places where you really get spiritually amped. For me, Im from Nor Cal so one of mine is Big Sur. The views frim the hills, the spirit garden, beaches there, etc are stunning and no matter where Im at in life I just go into total zen mode out there. Perfect to just be still and feel how small and yet vast you truly are. The ocean breeze is refreshing and invigorating. Or even up on a roof top when Im in deep contemplation.

I feel the same way when I am in Arizona, really anywhere in AZ, the energy over there is insane. I can’t really describe it, almost like there has been so much occult work done there in the past that the residual energy is just emanating everywhere. Not sure if that’s really the case, but that’s the only way I can describe it. Even the air over there feels different. I feel the same way when I’m in the Apache Junction area of New Mexico. I feel the deepest connection with the earth, just sitting in the desert, smelling the musty air, wind blowing like crazy.

Off topic sort of, but when I go to Roswell though, I feel very strange the whole time I’m there. I don’t know about all that alien talk, but it feels like that town has a very strange past. I feel like I’m being watched constantly, kinda creepy actually but interesting at the same time. I wouldn’t mind going over there again and doing some ritual work somewhere around that area, maybe an isolated area nearby.

But something just reels me in towards those 2 states. If you’re open to it, the energy just feels so much more “alive” over there. Over here in Ohio, I usually find solace in a local park. I live in an area where West Virginia is literally 5 minutes from my house, and they have some beautiful and peaceful parks and hiking trails both easy/paved trails and hard/rocky/climbing trails. I like to take this one trail that’s like 3.5 miles long, nobody ever goes there because there’s bears (I bring a gun so, bring it on bear bitches) but I have a spot way out on that trail in the middle of the deep woods, surrounded by trees, a fallen tree log I sit on, I even carved my initials into one tree and I am all alone.

Very complicated trail but it evens out in the middle at the spot I like to meditate in. Although, I have walked that trail probably 2 dozen times and one time I swear I was stuck in a freakin Pan’s labrynth. I felt like I was not alone, being watched from every direction, and I followed the trail as usual, did not stray from the path but I kept going in circles somehow and ending up back at the same place, and the way this trail is designed, it’s impossible to go in a circle by accident. Very weird experience, and I had someone with me that day who was witness because it happened to him too. But that area is ripe in Native American history. Lots of Cherokee and Shawnee history, as well as burial sites.

That’s exactly how I feel when I’m in certain areas of London.

The most inspiring place I’ve ever been to was Norway. The mountains and the fjords- it’s just indescribably beautiful. So otherwordly, I felt like I was in Asgard. I can’t recommend Norway enough!

Also, the forests of Poland I feel are incredibly spiritual and also one of my all-time fav places.

Anyway, more locally I like to hang out anywhere that’s green, has loads of trees etc.

I would love to visit the cliffs of northern ireland and experience the hills out there or new zealand. When I was a kid we lived near a lake where just a few feet off shore there was a large patch of indian burial mounds and even a little island n the center and I remember how serene and magickal it all seemed with the way the willow trees would hang over the water’s edge

Right in my own back yard. I live just outside the burbs, in farm country. In the summer it’s miles and miles of corn. It’s so green, peaceful, and serene. Red tail hawks by the score circling above, great white herons in the creek that runs by my house. It’s really beautiful, and makes me feel connected to nature. In the fall, the colors are amazing, and even in the winter, it’s a very desolate kind of beautiful. I wouldn’t trade living here for anything.

The same, we have some wasteland near the motorway that’s perfect, no-one else uses it, not even graffiti artists… there are a few other places but right now, here is where it’s at for us. :slight_smile:

I really want to visit New Orleans and some of those huge manor properties where the ghosts of slaves wander. I have Haitian friends in Miami and Haiti as well who send me pics of the mountains on the island down there. Looks beautiful.