Personal Messages messed up

Every day I’m getting multiple email alerts that I’ve received a new message on this board, yet it keeps telling me old emails have just been received.

Just thought I should let someone know…

Yeah, there’s a delay of like 4 - 5 months for some reason on the PM arriving and the e-mail going out, it seems to affect a lot of people. I turned mine off in the end.

I have posted about this same matter, but no one paid attention. The same thing happens to me. I get sent old messages that are over one year old, as new ones.

Go to your messages and then preferences and change the setting to never for email notifications.

Yeah same here, but TWF’s advice is pretty pro.

Milla, I did reply and so did other people, there’s a whole thread about it here:

Is anyone else getting pm notifications in your emails for old pms?

Yeah, it’s a thing - I should be talking to Timothy again soon and I’ll mention it then.

Oops, sorry, I did not see this older thread.

No probs, they get buried pretty quickly. :slight_smile:

I meant to PM you that I’d merged it, but then the dog puked - ah, the glamour of life as a living goddess, eh? :smiley: