Personal Limits: Our Gods

My friend Eva has posted about similar topics before here
, and more recently here,and it really does lead to a lot of things to think about, as unlimited gods, where DO we draw our limits?

However, instead of tackling it from a perspective of things we wouldn’t dare to do, or the way we things about what we should or shouldn’t do, I would instead like to investigate on the things we are against, and why we are against them.

What are our personal limits in life and why are they there?

Do we fear the punishments that come from them, are we unimpressed by their pleasures, do those limits apply to just us, or others as well?

As an example, my mother smokes. My uncle smokes. My father smoked during the war. I’ve always been surrounded by tobacco smoke, and since I was young decided never to smoke.

But what drives me to be adamant about this decision? Am I unimpressed by the elations cigarettes bring? if so, how can that be as I’ve never tried it. is it traumas of always having cigarette smoke around me? If so, then does fear or disgust drive me to do so? Is having fear or disgust limiting me in any way? Am I horrified at the notion of addiction? If so, do I see myself as being weak and falling directly into that?

Our limits are our only gods, and they must be self-established, to make sure we are masters of ourselves, rather than the whims of society. And if such is the case, then we must cast a careful eye, and a magical eye, to what our limitations are and WHY our limitations are there.