Personal journal/grimoire

Hi! I was wondering what does your personal grimoire look like? I want to put information about demons and their sigils, plus a few rituals and spells. Is it absolutely necessary to use a sigil once you draw it, or can you keep it for future reference?

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There’s picture of mine in this thread

Demonic sigils (or sigils connected to entities) come in two flavours generally: Permanent and temporary/sacrificial. Usually permanent demonic sigils are made with better craftmanship and with better materials like Lucifer’s sigil carved on a gold coin(or wood disk, silver, steel, whatever is feasible) while temporary ones are usually just drawn on paper and burned afterwards. Permanent sigils are generally empowered more and more with time while often with temporary sigils, the energy gathered in them is used as a type of offering for the entity summoned


So I indeed can draw sigils in my grimoire for educational purposes? I just hate going online and would like to have all of my sigils in one place, so when needed, I can just redraw the “permanent” sigil and sacrifice the new one. I’m talking about demonic sigils by the way :slight_smile:

Yeah you can draw them in your grimoire, no problem, in my opinion and experience. Though by drawing them in your book, you do allow them some small amount of influence on it, but I have yet to see any negatives to this. Though I suppose if you majorly piss of a demon, you would have to damage your book to get rid of their sigil there


Thank you! Also, can you throw away an unused demonic sigil, or would that be disrespectful?

I’d err on the side of caution and burn it, but if its uncharged its pretty much just ink and paper(or whatever you used), so do what you feel is best


I currently have 4, 2 of which are leather bound, one is a black hard bound and one in in a binder, of these 1 is generic workings , a hogpog of formulas, one is more on the light side, one is more for demonic workings and other experiments and one is a running entry of 7 rituals spanning several months with a specific goal. all are ordinary looking and those in my house know to never open them and look upon the contents or seals. I prefer ordinary so as not to draw attention. None are fancy or revealing. in 3 of these I keep seals of which 1 of these has the seals glued to the opposite page of the formulas. Most seals printed out, some are hand drawn and all my grimories and seals are sacred to me.

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This video by EA covers pretty much all these topics:

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