Personal Introduction

I am a practitioner of both white and black magic. My path is Eclectic in nature. To this end I am a greywitch and also a whitewitch and still searching and learning my path.
I believe that what people term evil or good is actually a product of their ignorance. Because good or evil are in perfect unity which can not be separated. And that means nothing is good or evil except as you chose to view it with finite mind. We humans have this form that make up for our overall composition namely good and evil. It’s this good and evil as a perfect whole that made the perfect balance. I have long learnt that what you call evil for instance, in your country or immediate locality is elsewhere considered the greatest good and highly celebrated. Therefore, evil or good is only but man’s way of maliciously judging the things he/she don’t actually know the sources or origin. This is why I am not a fan of religion. Most evil that had been done against humanity and against nature came from religion and traditions. Okay enough of that for now, lol.
I came across this forum yesterday while busy researching some of the Queens I strongly felt drawn to, like Queen Hecate, the powerful Goddess of witchcraft, magic, crossroads, fire, light, the moon, ghosts, necromancy and the Underworld. And Queen Abnoba, the Goddess of Black Forest. The etymology of her Celtic name is related to “wetness” or “river.” It is very closely related to Avon, a popular name for rivers. Which made me believe she is the River Goddess popular know to Western Africans and Black Americans as Mami Iwata.
I think it was in one of the groups that a question was asked and as we tried providing a valid answers someone suggested BECOMEALIVINGGOD forum with a link to their website. I love reading and learning with the like minded people so I decided to check out the website and to be honest I am glad I did.
I believe this is best place any seeker of true knowledge and experience in black magic and more should be. I also believe the people here are loving and caring for each other without the regular judgmental attitude we see and suffer in other places.
Thanks to the administrators of this forum and all the members for accepting me and for making me their own. My promise is that of loyalty and respect.
You will all remain in my good thoughts. I look forward to learning much more new things with you all as we get connected even more closely.

Blessings of love and light to my brothers and sisters in here.
Thank you.

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Welcome to the forum @goddess1

What, exactly, do you practice? Both white and black magick encompass a lot of different things.

How long have you practiced?

What systems and methods of magick do you have experience in?

This is the type of information looked for in a proper introduction, as it is helps us provide advice and pointers appropriate to someone’s level of experience, as well as to evaluate any advice provided.

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I am an eclectic solitary witch. I am not an expert nor do I posses great experience or skill in Witchcraft weather dark or light. Although you approached your question to me as if my introduction suggested that I’m a master or attained full knowledge of the craft. I am only an enthusiast of dark and white magic. I am also one who have been abused religiously from the Pentecostal point of view if you know what that really mean. Through much study and practice I have come to realize that present day or main stream Christianity is a scam. I have spent over 3 decades of studies and practice as both clergyman and Theological scholar to come to that conclusion. Sorry I sound like bashing any religion… Lol. Right now I am focused on creating a new movement that can integrate Biblical teaching with Witchcraft harmoniously to give a new order of system that will shine the light of truth in the ready confused system. This will be a combination of spiritual and natural reality free from condemnation and judgment.
The aspect you spoke about regarding the style of my introduction is not clear to me. Let me know how you want me to put it so it gives the meaning you expect to see.