Personal Experiences with First Evokation

5:46am? I suppose what I did messed up my inner clock.

Recently I was contacted by a friend in need and did what I could for him/her involving a ritual, divination, blood offering, and an evokation. Now while I have spent (too much) time reading into evokation and reading personal stories, watching videos, 1st hand accounts etc. I had never done it until recently.

While I will keep the reason, results, and most of the ritual under wraps for the privacy of my friend I will say that it was an experience for me unlike any other. At first I found myself short of breath, my voice weak and shaky. Then I had my hands shaking and my back on fire, quickly spreading throughout my entire body. It felt as if ants were crawling throughout my skin and, towards the end, I almost felt as if my consciousness was trying to escape through my head thus producing this incredibly strong and strange head high. I heard this demon’s voice in my head on and off and, at times, felt like an actual werewolf was trying to speak through me, sometimes confusing my language and distancing myself from what was human. I felt an immense amount of power that I can hardly describe and a sense of vibrations all around me even though (visibly) nothing was there.

This ritual lasted over 50 minutes and was the most intense thing I have done in the years since I began delving into these areas of art, knowledge, spirituality, and life. And this did not even involve lit candles or scrying. While I did use impliments that are personal to me and charged long ago, most of this came to me as I was doing the ritual and, thusly, made this even more unique. If this is just the first evokation, and arguably not even a 100% by-the-book one (if there even IS one), I can only imagine how intense and powerful they will become as my skills progress; I almost shutter a bit, both with fear and excitement, to image physical manifestation.

So, what were you first evokation experiences like? Were the physical, mental, both? Was it just a voice, was it a guide? Did it take control of you, speak though you, or was it something more or less. I am very curious as to what others have gone through their first time. . . Dare I call it losing your evokational virginity? (Hah, I try to have fun here)