Personal definition of "godhood"?

Hey guys!

I have a very broad question… what do you define as “godhood”?
As I am fairly certain that nearly everyone on this forum eventually desires to reach this level of personal hierarchy.
However, what does it mean to you?
Is it reaching your ultimate potential in spiritual ascent, thus attaining your maximum power as a being?

From my perspective, I would classify the term to literally be “playing god”… the ability to bend and twist reality between your fingertips at will. Perhaps the term I’m looking for is puppertry… just through the extremely advanced usage of magick.

Leave your thoughts! :blush:



Although I am on this forum which is called “Become a Living God” and I do adhere to the philosophy of ascent, I don’t want to use the word “godhood” anymore.

I mean, EA Koetting defines god as the abrahamists do “Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent.” And that’s what his movement is built on.

But when you look at ancient people, they had a completely different idea of what a god is. Their gods were limited, more humanly.

The word “god” is poorly defined. Maybe “demonhood” would be better. That’s vague too, but it’s more accurate than “godhood” I’d say.


Are you saying you wish to be a god, but more? Or that you want to be all that your potential allows?

To me, godhood, so to speak, is assuming all you can be. Becoming a master of your reality and being able to change it as you see fit. Being all you can, and making your realm of reality follow suit

To me there is nothing like "ultimate potential in spiritual ascent " as magic evolves and changes .
Even powerful are still evolving and becoming powerful by the day .
To me Godhood is gaining power and the ability of not only using it but evolving it and growing more powerful through its manipulation .
Asking a demon to grant you a request is different to asking the same demon to grant you power to solve the issue yourself .By gaining power and knowledge to manipulate it defines spiritual ascent . Well at least in my in my pathworking that’s how we define Godhood .That’s my two cents .


To me, godhood is enlightenment with omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience being byproducts of it.


My personal definition is too fully control the etheric energy field around all things which will give me mastery of physical psychic abilities, shape changing, teleportation, time travel, the ability to choose to incarnate or not and if i do, actually choose how i want to incarnate, honestly i don’t care about godhood too much, i rather just be superhuman, control over every aspect of my own existence!


Perhaps there are a magical and a spiritual godhood, i.e. seeing the future, creating love or summoning spirits are manifestations of the first.
Becoming almost incarnation of a “void” and supreme principle, even the rare instance of transforming the body’s matter in spirit (physical immortality) etc. are feats corresponding to spiritual goodhood, but the two aren’t necessarily divided: from one is possible to shift towards the other, for example the last case is alchemy which is magical, and High Magic too is a cross between the magic itself and spirituality.


St. Irenaeus of Lyons, Against Heresies IV:38:4, “For it was necessary, at first, that nature should be exhibited; then, after that, that what was mortal should be conquered and swallowed up by immortality, and the corruptible by incorruptibility, and that man should be made after the image and likeness of God, having received the knowledge of good and evil.”


Honestly speaking WE are already gods we just gotta trust in our own ability so we can actually tap into these powers gifted to us.


My definition of godhood in a nutshell:

Amaterasu was once an animal that evolved into a human being, then she became a magician, then she ascended into a spirit master, and lastly she became what we know of her today. I as her daughter will learn from her, so that I can succeed her in another universe.

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To be able to EASILY control reality to my will and reach spiritual apotheosis.


Being able to control events in ordinary reality with the same certainty as I can control events in a daydream.

That’s my basic definition. :smiley:


You cannot be a God unless you have eternal power. The heavens may split, the oceans boil, the earth turned into solar ash, yet all will be well because you are gifted power beyond creation and destruction. Beyond time, you simply are, forever.

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I want to be powerful, but I don’t want to be a god. Being a god is so plebian of a goal nowadays. I’d much rather be a god’s accountant.

Think about this, who is more powerful, Donald Trump, or his accountant?


Is the God a clean upstanding citizen or is he trump? Because that makes the difference. If he’s clean, the god. If he’s someone like trump, the accountant

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@QueenOfHearts I personally essentially go with what is said in this video as far as Godhood is concerned.


Eh, I’d rather a Trump than a Hilary, but eh. I meant it as a powerful person with a lot of influence and resources, not specifically trump.


I knew what you meant, was just going with the available options